Yellow Gerbera Bouquet For Your Fall Wedding

This is a really simple yellow gerbera bouquet to make. It is made of three different colours of gerberas. Yellow, two-toned (orange and yellow) and orange gerberas.

Since this is a really simple bouquet, you can use it as a bridesmaid bouquet.

To make this bouquet, you need to use your hands skillfully. How you hold them one by one as you add more.

Take a 3 gerberas at first and hold them in your hands, like this...

Add one gerbera at a time, while rotating the bunch of gerberas you are holding in your other hand.

Add until you can see that a ball of gerberas is forming.

Make sure the different colours of the gerberas are spread evenly throughout.

Once you are satisfied with how your bridal bouquet look, hold them it as if you are holding the bouquet on the wedding day.

Take a pair of scissors and cut the stems at about 2 inches below where you are holding it. Cut the stems to about the same length.

Now, while still holding the bunch of gerberas in your hands, wrap the stems using an orange organza ribbon tightly.

Then, tie a ribbon using the same orange organza.

Now, it's ready.

That was easy wasn't it?

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