Yellow Calla Lily Long Stemmed Bouquet

This yellow calla lily long stemmed bouquet is ideal for the tall bride. The shape of this bridal bouquet is slender and when a tall bride carries it, she will look even more elegant and stylish.

In this bouquet, I am using yellow calla lilies. You can also use white callas if you prefer. It is very easy to make and very practical. Not many flowers are involved in this bouquet, thus it is economical, too.

What you need are 5 stalks of calla lilies (colour of your choice), some beargrass, organza ribbon (colour matching with the colour of the callas) and some pearl pins.

First, arrange the callas in your hands. Arrange them so that each calla stands out individually. When you're happy with it, wrap the calla stems using floral tape.

Next, take each beargrass and form an oval loop around the neck of the calla lilies. Secure the loop using pearl pins.

Don't add too many beargrass as they will spoil the elegance of the flower.

When that's done, we can wrap the calla stem with the organza ribbon. But before that, cut the calla stems so that their length is equal.

Then, take the organza ribbon and wrap the calla stems. I am using a gold coloured organza ribbon.

Now, this calla lilies wedding bouquet is done. This is what it looks like.

Like the results?

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