Plan Your Winter Wedding Flowers Using The Following Guide

When researching for winter wedding flowers, you will find that there are many choices available to make your wedding beautiful for the theme you choose.

Winter wedding themes are like snowflake wedding theme, where you can have the shape of the snowflake, snowflake decorations all over your wedding. Or you could choose a red apples wedding theme, which is great for winter, too.

Whatever wedding theme you choose, to make a winter wedding successful, you should use winter flowers in all your wedding decorations.

Perfect flowers for winter weddings

Dusty Millers

This silvery foliage has a soft to the touch surface and fluffy in texture. It is great in bridal bouquets as collars, and even in boutonnieres and table centerpieces. Pair it with white blooms like roses, ranunculuses, lilies and tulips, it is the perfect combination for winter!

winter wedding flowers

Here is a winter wedding centerpiece that I made using white ranunculuses and dusty millers. The dusty millers were lined all around the low square container. You might have a little difficulty doing this because the dusty millers come in branches and when you cut them, their stems are very soft and difficult to be inserted into the foam. When the borders are all filled up, cover the rest of the foam with white ranunculuses to form a sphere. Lastly, use curled silver aluminium wire to form a 'cover' over the flowers. I love the icy and wintery look of this wedding centerpiece.


Gypsophilias or Babies Breath is a great winter wedding flower, as they are small flowers that grows massively on a single stem. You can get easily get the feel of the season when using this flower. Plus, they are cheap too.

winter wedding flowers

This bouquet is made of just gypsophilias on a bouquet holder. Cut the gypsophilias in short lengths and insert them all around the bouquet foam to form a round. then, add strips of laces at random places. These provide soft lines to the otherwise round stiff bouquet.

Traditional blooms like roses and lilies.

Go traditional by choosing red roses and white lilies. Make a cascading style using the flowers and go conservative. This combination still looks pretty to this day.

Pussy Willows

This is a great addition to your winter wedding flowers. They are line flowers with natural curves and yet can be curved to suit your preference. The small buds that pops out along each branch can signify a new beginning and they are so beautiful.


Both red and white are great for winter weddings. They have long straight stems and can be made into a scepter bouquet or a log stemmed bouquet. You can also place a bunch of them in a tall glass container filled with white rocks and turn them into simple but elegant winter wedding centerpieces!


Brunias are berry-like flowers that are silvery greyish in color. I love them as fillers for wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

Blue flowers

Ah... yes. Brides often choose blue flowers as they represent the season very well. Common blue flowers to choose are muscaris, hydrangeas, blue star, veronicas and delphiniums.

Add winter accents

You can use other type of flowers for your winter wedding but add winter accents to emphasize on the season more. These winter accents are popular among brides to be.

  • Pinecones

  • Red apples

  • Cinnamon sticks

  • Metallic bell ornaments

  • White feathers as bouquet collars or part of the centerpiece decorations.

Popular wedding color palette for winter weddings

For winter weddings, you should colors that depict this cold season. Use black and white for contrasting colors and yet stick to the winter white color. Use blue and white flowers in your wedding as blue is calm.

An all white wedding signify purity and a good start for a new life together. You can also go for red and white, which works perfectly in the winter.

winter wedding flowers

A chic winter wedding bouquet of white gerbera daisies with black centers. Their stems were left quite long and tied at two places, top and bottom. The polka dot black and white ribbon complements the flowers perfectly.

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