Winter Wedding Bouquet For Your Winter Wedding

If you're planning a wedding in winter, what you really need is a winter wedding bouquet.

Everytime you see a wedding bouquet, you don't have to make up your mind whether it is suitable for your winter wedding.

All you have to do is choose a bouquet made specially for winter weddings.

A winter wedding bouquet is special because it's represents the last season of the year. It reflects the winter season. At the same time, it is able to enhance the beauty of the bride.

Holding a wisely selected wedding bouquet in your hands will make your face look natural although it is the cold season. Your complexion will be better, you will look good in photos.

A beautiful bridal bouquet can really make you look extra gorgeous on your wedding day. Your husband will never regret the day he married you. Your friends will envy you.

Make sure you choose a bouquet that's right for you.

How To Choose Your Winter Wedding Bouquet

Remember, your bouquet should have winter accents. Winter accents are like pine cones, holly leaves, baby's breath, berries and others.

Winter flowers are like freesias, lilies, poinsettias, hydrangeas or even roses. Combine winter flowers with winteraccents, you get a lovely bridal bouquet.

Colors play a role, too. Winter colors are like red, white, gold, silver and green. Sometimes blue isalso considered a winter color. Match these colors with the color of your wedding gown and your wedding would be perfect.

If you will be wearing a white gown, a wedding bouquet with a combination of red and white is simply lovely.

If you wear a cream or ivory wedding gown, a white with some gold wedding bouquet is suitable. The gold will add some glitter to your wedding gown, making you glow. Something every bridewants.

The shape of your wedding bouquet is actually depending on the style that you want to present. If you want the formal look, you go for a cascade bouquet.

If you want a casual look, you should go for the hand-tied bouquet. The hand-tied bouquet is gaining popularity nowadays because of its informal look.

If you love the casual style, why not make your own hand-tied wedding bouquet?

Ideas For Your Winter Wedding Bouquet

winter wedding bouquet

A mixture or deep red and white roses, with some berries and white callas.

winter wedding bouquet

An all red bouquet or red roses, accented with pearls.

winter wedding bouquet

A sweet bouquet of red roses with stephanotis and asparagus ferns as foliage.

All Foliage Winter Bouquet

winter wedding bouquet

This is a great idea for a winter bouquet. This bouquet is made up of just three branches of dusty millers and tied with a white decorative ribbon. The silvery surface of this beautiful foliage made it the perfect material to be used in winter weddings. The texture of the dusty miller is so rich that it alone can be used to make a lovely bouquet like this one. Plus, with no added flowers and other decorations, the bouquet will save your savings for other wedding expenses!

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