Popular Wedding Themes

Here are popular wedding themes brides choose for their wedding. Hope you too can decide on what kind of theme you want for your wedding.

The theme that you choose should be something that reflects your personality. If you're someone who is passionate and very romantic, you may want to consider the 'deep red' color for your wedding.

If you like the beach, you can also have a 'beach' theme wedding. If you ever get stuck deciding, hopefully the ideas below can help you...

Beach Wedding

beach wedding flowers

The beach wedding is very popular. The white sand, the ocean breeze, the sunset, the setting is all perfect for a very romantic wedding.

Guests are normally not many but the ceremony is special and memorable. Use the natural setting as great backdrops, use tropical flowers in your wedding bouquet, wedding arch, chairbacks and other arrangements.

To have the 'beach' setting indoors, use seashells in your wedding centerpieces, corsages and bouquets. Use blue as the main color for your wedding.

Look at beach theme wedding decorations.

Butterfly Wedding

butterfly theme wedding

This needs no explanation. The butterfly wedding will have butterflies everywhere, creating a garden and nature feel to the wedding.

It also gives a sense of something magical. If you prefer it, inform your wedding planner of your intention and decoration wise, she will take care of the rest.

Use artificial silk butterflies in your bridal bouquet, centerpieces, wedding cake and other decorations.

Christmas Wedding

You're having a christmas wedding theme, with christmas wedding flowers in your wedding.

Expect to have Christmas accents like pine cones, wreaths, snowflakes or anything to represent Christmas in your wedding.

The main color can be either blue or red. Or combinations like red ad green or blue and silver.

Also use a lot of glittering accents like christmas ornaments, bells or other decorative items that florists use like decorative wires, lights to create a magical wedding.

You can include red and green apples into your wedding bouquet and wedding centerpieces.

Country Wedding

country wedding flowers

The country wedding also has a nature look to it. Using mixed flowers and tie them a bunch will create a nice country wedding bouquet.

Flowers like lavender, lilac, sunflowers and wheat are great for this wedding. For wedding centerpieces, use wicker baskets or terra cotta pots to get that country look.

Garden Wedding

A garden wedding is often held outdoors with beautiful surrounding flowers and plants.

It also has a nature, country feel. Most often than not, they happen in spring or summer, with colors like green, pink and lavender. Flowers are the most beautiful this season, so make use of the flowers readily available at your garden wedding venue.

Tropical Wedding

tropical theme wedding

A tropical wedding will use tropical wedding flowers in wedding bouquets, wedding centerpieces, corsages and other wedding flower arrangements.

Tropical flowers like orchids, heliconias, anthuriums, frangipanis and ginger make beautiful exotic flower arrangements.

Asian Wedding

Common wedding flowers for an asian wedding are like orchids, roses, carnations, lilies and gerber daisies. But if you use cherry blossoms in your wedding arrangements, you automatically create an asian wedding.

The accents used in wedding flower arrangements like wedding centerpieces and bridal bouquets are more important to pull this wedding theme together.

Accents like sandalwood fans and chopsticks can be incorporated together with flowers to create a unique wedding idea.

Victorian Wedding Theme

victorian wedding theme

A victorian wedding theme has an old English garden look. Usually the wedding flower arrangements involve a mixed choices of flowers and they often look like they have just being plucked from the garden. The use of old ceramic containers for your centerpieces may complete this victorian style wedding.

Apple Theme Wedding

apple theme wedding

Use red apples or green apples in your wedding flower arrangements and combine them with beautiful flowers like tulips, roses and carnations. Use them in your bouquets, centerpieces, bridesmaid bouquets and even wedding cakes.

Hawaiian Theme Wedding

hawaiian theme wedding

A hawaiian themed wedding with a lot of hawaiian flowers like orchids, anthuriums, gingers, birds of paradise and others. Place orchids on wedding napkins, on wedding favor boxes and use them in corsages and boutonnieres.This wedding theme idea has striking summer colors like yellow, orange, red and even green.

Halloween Wedding Theme

halloween wedding theme

Halloween weddings are often in October and the theme colors are basically white and black, orange and black or even orange and dark purple like the halloween themed wedding cake above. There is no specific flower type that you need to use to depict Halloween, but probably october wedding flowers would be suitable because of the fall season.

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