Wedding Ring Pillows

Usually, wedding ring pillows are actually small pillows or cushions, with a satin cover and a special place in the middle to place wedding rings.

Thanks to the creativity of florists today, the 'pillows' can also be made of floral foams and decorated with flowers to give a unique and modern twist.

wedding ring pillows

A square 'pillow' covered with yellow pompons, with ivory satin ribbon to tie the rings. Simple but unique.

wedding ring pillows

A country style wedding ring pillow with orange and yellow ranunculuses.

wedding ring pillows

A traditional white satin pillow, but the design is elaborated with a small wreath of leaves around the ring.

wedding ring pillows

A small square pillow of white and green pompons with pearls and pink ribbon.

A moss covered wedding ring pillow

wedding ring pillows

Make your own natural pillow by using flowers and the plants around you. This square pillow is made of floral foam and covered with moss.

Then, I tie a jute string to it as if it was a gift. On the two corners, I inserted mini sunflowers and some red berries. The rings can be placed inside the loop of the jute string. I hope you like the country style look.

A sisal covered heart-shaped wedding ring pillow

wedding ring pillows

For a modern look, you can use the heart-shaped floral foam and wrap it with red sisal.

On one side, decorate with dendrobium orchids, pink roses and red berries. The flowers can be inserted directly into the foam or glued onto the sisal.

On another side secure a pink ribbon, in this case, a pink rafia ribbon with a floral wire. A special place for the wedding ring.

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