Wedding Reception Flower Arrangements

When planning for your wedding reception flower arrangements, do include these flower arrangements.

You need head table arrangements, table centerpieces, wedding napkin decoration, wedding cake flowers and wedding chair decorations. You also can consider using pomander balls as wedding decorations, use fresh flowers in your wedding hairstyle and also decorate your wedding car.

Head Table Arrangements

wedding reception flower arrangements

Head table arrangements are arrangements placed on the main table, where the bride and groom will be sitting. The main table is usually long but sometimes can be round as well. A horizontal arrangement is usually best with this table. If you have a longer table, you might need two more arrangements to complement the main one.

Table Centerpieces

For your guests, you need wedding table centerpieces. We have a few centerpiece galleries, where you could get ideas from. If you're having a themed wedding, you wedding reception centerpiece should complement the theme perfectly.

Wedding Napkin Ideas

wedding reception flower arrangements

On the wedding tables, decorate the wedding napkin with a small flower arrangement or a single flower bloom. You can even add other accessories like beads or decorative wires to make the presentation more interesting.

Wedding Cake Flowers

wedding reception flower arrangements

A wedding is not complete without a wedding cake. There are many ways to decorate the wedding cake with flowers. You can make small flower arrangements as the cake topper, or just place flower blooms for lovely wedding cakes.

Wedding Chair Decorations

wedding ceremony flower arrangements

Don't forget the wedding chairs. They are essential part of the wedding, too. There are many ways to decorate wedding chairs.

You can make a small arrangement and tie it behind the chair, or you can even make small wreaths and hand behind the chair. Instead of decorating behind the chair, you can also decorate the two sides of the wedding chair.

Wedding Pomander

wedding reception flower arrangements

Pomanders are quite popular as wedding reception flowers. They are very versatile and can be used in many ways for decorations.

Apart from being a bouquet itself, it can also be used as wedding centerpieces, decorate the wedding chair and decorate the wedding aisle.

Wedding Hairstyle Using Fresh Flowers

wedding reception flower arrangements

Some brides like to use fresh flowers for their wedding hairstyle. You can have a natural look if you include flower blooms like a rose bloom or daisies as part of your hairstyle.

Wedding Car Decorations

wedding car flowers

Decorate your wedding car with creative flower arrangements. Make small arrangements or wreaths to decorate the car.

Take a look at ideas for your wedding car.

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