Wedding Pew Decorations

Cannot decide whether or not to have wedding pew decorations due to financial constraints?

Not to worry. It is better to have them because they can later be used as decorations for your wedding reception. A single decoration with double purposes.

They need not be a lavish arrangement but the simple ones like the ideas below could save you a few dollars.

Another inexpensive way is to use greens in your pew decorations. Fresh flowers are of course more expensive but different textures of greens, mixed with ribbon, make lovely decorations too.

Single bloom flowers

wedding pew decorations

A single bloom of pink gerbera daisy, fresh ivy vines and white ribbon is enough to decorate the pews.

wedding pew decorations

Two stalks of pink roses with pink organza ribbon looks so sweet on this pew. For single blooms like this, use phials to provide the flower stems with water.

Use galvanized pails

wedding pew decorations

Use galvanised mini pails and hang them on the pew using a ribbon. Then, fill the pails with purple hydrangeas and yellow gerber daisies.

A bunch of flowers or a small bouquet

wedding pew decorations

A bunch of mixed flowers is a no-brainer. Use yellow and orange lilies with purple fillers like the statice. Tie them in a bunch and tie the bunch to the pew for the natural look.

wedding pew decorations

Use candle markers for your pews. Decorate the candle base with ferns, pale yellow gerber daisy, white tulle and white ribbons. All the flowers and materials don't cost much and it is a great way to decorate your pews.

Mini wreaths

wedding pew decorations

Make a small wreath of leaves, like pittosporums or english ivy, tie with a ribbon on top, then hang the wreath on the side of the pew.

More unique ideas, designs and decorations for your wedding...

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