Wedding Napkin Ideas

Wedding napkin ideas using fresh flowers and turn them into something to be remembered!

For a budget wedding, place small arrangements on wedding napkins, instead of one big arrangement as the centerpiece. This is a great way to save money on your wedding centerpieces.

If not, you can decorate the folded napkin with simple decoration for your guests to feel welcomed.

You can use fresh flowers, potted plants, accessories like ribbons, beads, wires and gems to decorate the napkin.

wedding napkin ideas

Black and orange wedding theme. Use a single orange rose bloom on a black napkin. The colors stand out magnificently.

wedding napkin ideas

A white and blue wedding theme, with blue napkins on white plates, decorated with white mini mums.

wedding napkin ideas

Put flowers in a shot glass and place it on top of the napkin. This gives a fresh look. Here are white daisies and green pompons.

wedding napkin ideas

You can also choose not to put flowers. Here's playful combination of a green polka dot napkin and white button. The napkin is tied with a green ribbon.

wedding napkin ideas

A bright orange daisy looks great on the black napkin.

Decorating With Lemon

wedding napkin ideas

Who would have thought, the lemon fruit can be a great wedding napkin decoration? Use it as a container for a small arrangement and place it on the folded napkin on the wedding table.

The fresh smell of the lemon will give your guests a pleasant surprise.

You can arrange any type of flower you want in the lemon. But first, you must make sure the lemon can be placed stably, without tipping on the napkin. The trick is to cut off the bulging part of the fruit to create a small base for it to 'stand'. Cut it off but not so much as to leave the watery flesh exposed, as the lemon juice will stain the napkin.

Then, take the flowers of your choice and insert them into the lemon directly. Here, I chose a bloom of white daisy, a yellow mum and some foxtails. Use your creativity to create chic and modern napkin decorations!

Using Fancy Rubber Band With Fresh Blooms

wedding napkin ideas

Roll the wedding napkin and tie with a fancy rubber band. You can buy these fancy rubber band from hair accessory stores at the mall. Here I have a tri-color band of purple, pink and white. I matched it a pink gerbera daisy bloom. I accented the gerbera bloom by gluing a rhinestone in the center of the bloom. I also glued the gerbera diasy onto the band directly. I hope you liked the idea.

Other Unique Ideas

  • On a white wedding napkin, tie an organza ribbon around it. Place a single bloom of mini pink cymbidium orchid.

  • For a purple wedding, make a string of purple hyacinth pips, which diameter fits the napkin. Place the rolled napkin inside the loop.

  • With a tiffany blue ribbon, tie a light green ribbon around it and place one billy ball in the middle of the ribbon.

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