Wedding Flower Ideas

Wedding flower ideas using sunflowers, gerbera daisies, calla lily and other popular wedding flowers.

Below you can find ideas for wedding flower arrangements that follow a certain flower theme. If you have a favourite flower, turn your wedding into beautiful floral creations, all using that flower.

Sunflower Wedding

sunflower wedding flowers

Sunflower wedding flowers are popular in summer and fall. The bright yellow color of the sunflower will make your wedding absolutely stand out. Use sunflowers in your centerpieces, wedding bouquets, corsages, wedding cakes and other decorations.

They are big long lasting flowers and their stems are quite sturdy, so you don't have to worry about damaged arrangements. But remember when making arrangements with sunflowers, consider also the weight of the completed arrangement because this flower is quite heavy. Cut them long or short, they can be designed in any way. Even for your bouquets, use them as rounds or cascades, it can be done.

Expect lots of yellow, gold and sunshine!

Gerbera Daisy Wedding

gerbera wedding flowers

I love gerbera daisy wedding flowers. They are such 'fun' flowers. Gerberas portray a sense of playfulness and cheerfulness. If you're someone like that, you can use Gerbera Daisies as your main flower in your wedding.

They come in vibrant colors like yellow, pink, red, orange and they're all beautiful. Play around with their colors and you'll get a colorful wedding.

Use them in any arrangement. Centerpieces, wedding cakes, car decorations, corsages, bridal bouquets and others.

Calla Lily Wedding

calla lily wedding flowers

Calla lily wedding flowers are for those who like elegance and simplicity. They are such elegant flowers that you have to use them in your wedding arrangements.

They can be suited for any season which makes them the perfect wedding flower idea. For fall weddings, use the orange and yellow variety. For summer weddings, use the yellow and burgundy. For winter weddings, use the white. Can be combined with other flowers like roses and orchids in bridal bouquets, wedding cakes, centerpieces and other decorations. The grooms love them as boutonnieres.

The black variety is stunning when combined with contrasting white flowers to create a lovely black and white wedding. They are just so versatile.

Daisy Wedding

daisy wedding flowers

Daisy wedding flowers for the sweet looking bride. They are small flowers and look so cute in bouquets, centerpieces, corsages and wedding napkins.

Use them in flower girl pomanders and hair wreaths. Popular colors are white, lavender, red and yellow. The rare Orinoco variety is absolutely stunning, too.

Stargazer Lily Wedding

stargazer lily wedding flowers

A stargazer lily wedding will use the stargazer lily as the main flower. The pink variety is oftenly used. Before you use them, make sure their stamens are removed so that they don't stain your clothes or the area where you place them.

They can be used in bridal bouquets, centerpieces, chairbacks and wedding cakes, but they are suitable for boutonnieres. When they fully bloom, they are quite big. For boutonnieres, I would recommend using just the bud.

Hydrangea Wedding

hydrangea wedding flowers

Hydrangeas are another favourite wedding flower idea. I like to use them too. Popular colors are white, blue, pink, burgundy and green.

They can be used in pew arrangements, bridal bouquets, wedding centerpieces and wedding cakes. They are not normally used in corsages and boutonnieres.

Red Rose Wedding

red rose wedding theme

The red rose wedding has a rich deep red color, very dramatic and glamorous. You can use only red roses in your wedding flower arrangements but you can also mix red roses with other flowers. You can also have different shades of red roses in your wedding flower decorations.

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