Beautiful Wedding Corsages

Apart from the bridal bouquet and centerpieces, you need wedding corsages on your wedding day. They are not for you but for your family members.

They are usually worn by your sisters, mother and grandmother. They can be worn in 3 different styles : pinned to the dress, pinned to the purse, worn at the wrist or on the shoulder.

Here are the types, depending on how you wear them.

Types Of Corsages

Pin corsages - These are the traditional wedding corsages, that are pinned to the dress or suit, just slightly below the shoulder. Normally worn by the mother and grandmother of the bride.

Wrist corsages - These are corsages that are worn on the wrist. They are actually a small arrangement of flowers attached to a ribbon, pearl strand, ready made wristlet and other materials. The bride can wear them if she wishes not to carry a bouquet, the flower girls can wear them, too. Even more popular with the girls for prom night.

Clutch corsages - Corsages that are worn on purses or bags. Just to spruce up the purse or bag for a special event.

Shoulder corsages - You pin the corsage on your dress, on your shoulder. The corsage flowers will seem to 'flow' from the front and the back.

Arm corsages - Usually made from decorative wire, decorated with some flowers and worn on the arm. Usually worn for prom nights, not weddings.

Corsage Accessories

The trend nowadays is to add 'bling-bling' to your corsages. This holds true for prom corsages and wrist corsages.

There are many decorative items from the market that you could use to accessorize your corsage. Decorative wires are a big hit. Mold them into interesting shapes and designs and add them to your corsage.

Corsage pins can be added onto the flowers to add more character. Diamante pins and flower gems are useful to add that extra sparkle. They come in a large of colors, you'll sure to find one that matches.

You can also add sisal to your corsage, pearl sprays or other material to be different from the crowd. You can see ideas of corsages using these accessories in the gallery below.

Corsage Gallery

corsage and boutonniere
Corsage and boutonniere
bracelet corsage
Bracelet corsage
fresh flower corsages
Fresh flower corsages
prom wrist corsages
Prom wrist corsages

Make Your Own Corsages

  • Rose Corsage
    A beautiful triangular corsage using three white roses and a maroon organza ribbon.

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