Wedding Color Ideas

The wedding color ideas below will help you decide on your wedding theme color.

Whether you plan your wedding in fall or summer, these color ideas will make your wedding a special one. You can have a single color as your wedding theme but also a combination of two colors.


blue and white wedding

If you are a 'water' person, who likes going to the beach, or you met your future husband at the beach and want to symbolize the event, you can choose this blue wedding theme.

You can expect a lot of water elements, blue wedding flowers and also the feeling of the ocean breeze in your wedding. What a lovely wedding it would be.

Romance Red

This is for someone who is full of passion, someone who feels strongly about the relationship and maybe someone who is very romantic.

Is this wedding color idea for you? Your main theme color is the deep red and roses will be the main flower. Your red wedding flowers including your centerpieces, your bouquets, your bridesmaid bouquets, all will have this flower.

Go Green

green wedding

This wedding theme is for the naturalists. They like being outdoors, they appreciate nature. If this is you, you could go for a Go Green Wedding.

Main color is of course green, you can have green wedding flowers like molucellas, orchids, green carnations, or even green apples in your bridal bouquets and other arrangements.

Clever use of foliage would be the key point to make this wedding more interesting and memorable to both brides and guests.

Pretty In Pink

pink wedding

A sweet pink wedding is every bride's dream come true. Popular in spring or garden weddings.

The choice of pink wedding flowers is endless. Same pink flowers in beautiful pink wedding bouquets and pink centerpieces will decorate you and the wedding tables perfectly.

Passionate About Purple

purple wedding

Purple is a great wedding color idea. Purple wedding flowers like lilac, lavender, roses and orchids make beautiful bouquets and centerpieces.

Even hyacinths, muscari and other decorative items like purple sisal, purple aluminium wire and purple ribbons make great arrangements.

White Innocence

White wedding flowers will make your wedding look so pure and innocent. White also has an air of elegance. Don't worry about the choice of white flowers, there are an abundance. Because all white flowers are white, you need to pick white flowers with different texture to pull it off.

You can mix white hydrangeas with white roses, or white orchids. Then, you can small flowers like gypsophilias which is quite cheap as one of your wedding flowers. You can also add other hints of color to bring out more color to your wedding. Pair up white with green, or white with lavender, or white with yellow. I love all these combinations.

Orange and Fuchsia

wedding color ideas

Orange and fuchsia are suitable for the fun bride. They like to play around with bright colors.

Use hot pink lilies with orange wedding accessories, or orange Mokara orchids with hot pink accessories like beaded wires, sisal and mega wires.

Red and Green

This wedding is not necessarily for a christmas wedding. Imagine red roses and green cymbidiums in bouquets and centerpieces, they are the perfect combinations. Other flowers you could use are red and green carnations, red tulips and belles of ireland and others. Instead of flowers, you could also use red and green apples for this wedding.

White and Green

wedding color ideas

This a natural and fresh looking wedding. White roses and white tulips with green dendrobiums, or white and green hydrangeas, or white lilies and green cymbidiums, they all make perfect white and green wedding. Or use white flowers with green apples.

Green and Purple

Both green and purple are deep colors and when combined, they make stunning weddings. For this wedding, you can use green pompons with purple carnations, or purple orchids with molucella, or ornamental cabbages with purple calla lilies. They are all beautiful combinations.

Blue and Purple

For this wedding, you could use flowers like agapanthus, hydrangeas, purple lisianthus, muscari, blue or purple iris, purple hyancinths and other blue flowers or purple flowers.

White and Blue

This is usually for a beach themed wedding, or a blue christmas wedding. You can use flowers like white and blue hydrangeas, or white and blue hyacinths, or white roses with blue iris, or even white roses with muscari. Add accessories like beaded wire, angel hair wire or sisal, you can create a beautiful white and blue wedding.

Black and White

wedding color ideas

This is classic. This wedding color idea is usually preferred by those who want to keep things simple, do not like complication but at the same time, want elegance.

Black and white is like Yin and Yang. Opposites attract. Perhaps this hidden meaning is what you want to portray in your wedding.

Also very famous for a halloween theme wedding. Not many flowers are in black, but you can use white flowers with black accessories like ribbons. Great ideas for this wedding color idea is the white anemones or white gerbera daisies with black centers. They are absolutely beautiful wedding flowers. Look at wedding flower ideas for a black and white wedding theme.

See pictures of beautiful wedding flowers at color themed weddings...

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