Wedding Ceremony Flowers

How much wedding ceremony flowers you need to have depends on your budget. The wedding church could be decorated with beautiful flowers but more is not necessarily preferable.

Putting decorations at where it is seen most is the key to a beautiful wedding ceremony. Below are places where brides usually decide to put wedding flowers. However, it is up to you.

Wedding Pew Decorations

wedding ceremony flowers

Small and simple flower arrangements at pew-ends. There are many ways to decorate pew-ends. You can have a small arrangement of flowers, arrangement in cones, small wreaths, candle arrangements or just tulle bows.

Look at ideas for simple wedding pew decorations.

Guest Book Decorations

wedding ceremony flowers

Place some flower arrangements near the guest book for guests to sign. See how big the table is and adjust the size of arrangement to be placed. You need to place extra caution so that the flowers do not stain or wet the guest book. The arrangement needs to be secured to the table to avoid it from falling down or moving freely on the table.

Door Wreaths

wedding ceremony flowers

To greet guests and also to indicate there is a wedding taken place in the church, you can place a wedding wreath on the church door. The flowers on the wreath can match the flowers in other church flower arrangements.

Altar Flower Arrangement

wedding ceremony flowers

Altar flower arrangement to decorate the altar. These can be the traditional flower arrangements to suit the traditional occassion. Usually, two identical arrangements are placed at each end of the altar.

Candelabra Decorations

Wedding candelabra is placed at each end of the altar for decoration. With the candles lit, it sets the mood for a traditional but romantic ceremony. The candelabra can be decorated with flower arrangements but interestingly, they can be decorated with heart wreaths.

Church Entrance Decorations

wedding ceremony flowers

Decorate the church entrance doors with flower arrangements, topiaries and wreaths. For the entrance doors, you need large arrangements on each side to welcome the guests.

Same goes for the topiaries, you need large topiaries on each side to make an impact. If you are tight on budget, you can just hang wreaths on the doors.

Welcoming Decorations

Welcoming decorations like a portrait of the couple at the entrance will make the guests feel excited about the wedding. Decorate the photo with fresh flowers.

Floral Garlands

Floral garlands can be a great decoration to the church too. They can be used as a backdrop, to decorate the entrance door and even to decorate the altar.

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