Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Here are some wedding centerpiece ideas to make your wedding centerpiece look unique and memorable to your guests.

It can be an idea to a simple centerpiece to a more bold and elegant centerpiece. If there is an idea you fancy, be sure to discuss it with your wedding florist on how to make it possible.

Include fruits or vegetables in your centerpiece

To make your centerpieces special, instead of using just flowers, add fruits or vegetables to give a more natural look.

Common fruit bouquets include apples and grapes.

This is a heart centerpiece using pink roses and asparagus. It was made on a heart shaped foam.

First, soak the foam in water. Then, by using spray adhesive, glue each asparagus stick to the sides. The asparagus should be in the same length. After the borders are done, insert pink roses compactly on top, filling up any space or gap. As a final touch, wrap around a cream colored yarn for that natural look.

wedding centerpiece ideas

Choose a fish centerpiece

fish centerpiece

If you have a tropical wedding, one idea for your table centerpiece is to use fish bowls with fish in it, surrounded by fresh flowers. You can use guppies, gold fishes or anything small.

The flowers surrounding the fish bowls can be any type of flower, as long as it suits the wedding theme.

Use rainbow foams in your centerpiece

Another idea is to use rainbow foams in your centerpiece. It is very modern and you can save on fresh flowers. The rainbow foams can be part of the arrangement or used to fill up glass containers like this..

Use seashells for a beach wedding centerpiece

If you're having a beach-themed wedding, you could use seashells in your centerpiece. It could be in the arrangement itself, or it could be used to fill up the glass container, like this centerpiece over here.

Notice that the flower colors are of blue and white, depicting the colors of the beach and the sky, just to get the beach element.

Flowers used are white roses and agapanthus, with some white daisies.

Use favors grouped together to make a centerpiece

If you have a wedding favor idea you like and want to save on flowers, you can choose to use those favors as centerpieces.

In the middle of the table, group together several favors together to make a centerpiece.

Use colorful boxes as containers for your centerpiece

For fun-themed wedding or a colorful wedding, use colorful boxes as containers for your flowers. They will turn out great because of the fun and vibrant colors.

The thing to take note of is, your wedding florist must be clever to match the flower colors and types to the colors of the boxes.

Use a bird cage and decorate with ribbons and flowers

Bird cages are beautiful for a garden themed wedding. You can place fruits inside the cage, or a small arrangement. Then, decorate with garden roses, and other flowers. Lastly, tie a ribbon on the handle on top. If you like, you can add artificial butterflies to it.

Include rainbow lollipops among your flowers

This is a unique wedding centerpiece idea. If you want to create a unique wedding with bright colorful florals, you can choose to add the rainbow lollipops you can find at the candy store. Add flowers with matching colors around them.

Make lantern centerpieces

A lantern centerpiece is a paper lantern, decorated with flowers around it and placed on wedding tables. When you light the lantern, you'll find that it will glow and create a beautiful scene surround your wedding. You do not need to worry about the power source, some lights come with batteries.

Use balloons in your centerpieces

Another wedding centerpiece idea would be to make a playful arrangement and attach a string of balloon in the middle. The balloon can be plain balloons or decorative balloons that match your flowers.

Make grouping tablecenters

Grouping tablecenters are small containers of different shapes and sizes, each filled with a different type of flower but in the same color pallette. Place them together in a group on the wedding table. For example, you can have white peonies in one vase, white hydrangeas in another vase and white roses in a different vase. But put together, they make lovely centerpieces.

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