Wedding Boutonnieres For The Groom

Wedding boutonnieres are worn by your husband-to-be, his father and his grandfather.

The groom's boutonnieres can be different from the others to signify that he is the man of the day. At the same time, make sure also that it matches the bride's bridal bouquet.

With creative designs and styles, you can have boutonnieres in any color, style and theme you want. You can try the traditional, or the stylized in which the bling-bling accessories are involved or a themed boutonniere, one that matches the theme of your wedding.

How To Choose Your Boutonniere

  • Firstly, decide what flower you want for your bridal bouquet. If your wedding bouquet is made of roses, the boutonnieres should be of roses, too. They should be of the same flower. Also remember, the color must match, too.

  • They should be light. If they are heavy, the flowers will fall and won't look nice.

  • They can be of fresh flowers or silk flowers. For more durability, silk flower is better. The fabric can withstand the pin.

Type Of Boutonnieres

There are two types of wedding boutonnieres. The conventional type is a mini arrangement of flowers and worn on the left lapel.

The other type is called a pocket boutonniere. Flowers or flower petals are glued on a cardboard that fits the size of the groom's pocket. You can add other embellishments, just like the conventional type. You can add crystals, rhinestones and decorative wires to make it look stunning. You then slide the cardboard into the pocket and make it invisible. Only the flowers that seem flowing out of the pocket is shown off.

Wedding Boutonniere Ideas

pink rose boutonniere
Pink rose boutonniere
orchid boutonniere
Orchid boutonniere
rose boutonnieres
Rose boutonnieres
boutonniere flowers
Boutonniere flowers
red rose boutonnieres
Red rose boutonnieres
orange rose boutonnieres
Orange rose boutonnieres
calla lily boutonniere
Calla lily boutonniere
white rose boutonnieres
White rose boutonnieres
grooms boutonniere
Grooms boutonniere
flower boutonnieres
Flower boutonnieres

Ways To Cut On Your Boutonniere Cost

Boutonnieres seem like they don't require many flowers, but the if you choose other bling-bling accessories to go with them, they could be pricey. Below are some of the ways you could save some cost on them.

1. Avoid the bling-bling and stick to the natural look. Just some flowers and foliage.

2. If you still want to twists and curls the decorative wires could do, extend the florist wire that you use when making the boutonniere, tape them with floral tape and make twists and curls with them. They don't have the sparkling effect, but the interesting design is there.

3. Instead of making a 'mini arrangement' for your boutonniere, choose a single bloom flower and wrap the stem with floral tape. You could either a peony bud, a single rose, freesia, hydrangea florets or a carnation.

4. Instead of flowers, use berries as your boutonniere. This works especially if you have berries in the bride's bouquet as well. You can use privet berries, hypericum berries or snowberries.

5. Use foliage or herbs as your boutonniere. Some leaves are interesting in nature. Ue this o your advantage. You can use eucalyptus, rolled galax leaves or curled beargrass.

Make Your Own Boutonnieres

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