Wedding Bouquets With Beautiful Colors And Designs

You can find great wedding bouquets that use the elegant callas, lovely roses, gerberas, iris, sunflowers and many more. You'll sure to find your dream bridal bouquet in this gallery.

But before that, check out what most brides prefer.

Hot Styles

These styles are becoming popular in bridal bouquets now. While previously brides like butterflies and feathers in their bouquets, but now they want to see succulents in their wedding arrangements, including their bouquets. Use succulents together with other flowers to create a nice textured bouquet.

While the cascades are still very popular, brides now like their bouquets round and compact. Flowers are compactly arranged in an almost perfect sphere. Use carnations, peonies, roses and hydrangeas to make beautiful round bouquets.

While they like the tightly arranged round bouquets, they also like the unstructured bouquets. These are bunches of flowers that look like they have just been plucked from the garden. Use wild flowers like feverfew, lavenders, mini sunflowers and daisies to create this garden look.

Hot Ideas

waxflower bouquet
Waxflower bouquet
unique bridal bouquet
Unique bridal bouquets
hand tied bridal bouquets
Hand tied bridal bouquets
elegant wedding bouquets
Elegant bouquets
orange rose bridal bouquet
Orange rose bridal bouquet
daisy wedding bouquet
Daisy bouquets
ribbon bridal bouquet
Ribbon bridal bouquet
iris wedding bouquet
Iris bouquets
rose bouquets
Rose bouquets
edible bouquets
Edible bouquets

If you wish to make your own bridal bouquets, browse my Flower Tutorial section where you can find more ideas there.

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