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Wedding bouquet pictures of fresh flowers and foliage. Absolutely lovely for your wedding.

While browsing, find out what kind of flowers you like for your bouquet, the design that you like and the color of bridal bouquet.

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rose wedding bouquets
Rose bouquets
red rose wedding bouquet
Red rose bouquet
fresh flower wedding bouquets
Fresh flower bouquets
wild flower bouquets
Wild flower bouquets
orchid wedding bouquet
Orchid bouquet
freesia wedding bouquets
Freesia bouquets
pink rose bridal bouquet
Pink rose bridal bouquet
pictures of wedding bouquets
Pictures of wedding bouquets
white rose bridal bouquet
White rose bridal bouquet
tulip bridal bouquet
Tulip bridal bouquet

Ways To Accessorize Your Bouquet

You have created your own bridal bouquet. But when you look at it, you feel that it is lacking that x-factor.

You want to make it more outstanding, you want it to grab more focus. What can you do?

You can accessorize your bridal bouquet. And nowadays, there are many ways you can spruce up your bouquet.

Below are some ideas that you might find applicable to your beautiful bouquet.

Use Diamantes

Diamantes are stones that look like crystals. It sparkles when in contact with light.

So, adding diamantes to your bouquet will make your bouquet more glamorous. I have found that there many ways on how to add them to your bouquet.

Some come with pins attached, so that you can easily insert into the center of your roses. Some come separately, but you can put them together in a cluster, using decorative wire and insert them into your bouquet.

You can use them to decorate your bouquet handle. If you wrap your flower stems using ribbon, you can add the diamantes on the ribbon for that special finish.

Use Pearls

Pearls are common in bridal bouquets. The most commonly decorated flower using pearls are roses. Apart from bridal bouquets, pearls are widely used in making corsages as well.

The same with diamantes, you can use them separately or three in a group together, as you like. But unlike diamantes, they don't shine in the light.

Use Feathers

Another popular accessory is feathers. These are artificial feathers that you can use to decorate your bouquet. Usually white feathers are used.

If you want to save cost and do not want to use too many flowers in a bouquet, feathers are a great alternative.

Use Laces

Other than feathers, you can use laces. Choose border laces that have simple design and you can use them hanging from the bouquet.

Make them look like they are cascading from the bouquet. Of course, the color of the lace must complement the flowers in your bouquet. So, instead of having flowers or foliage that hangs down from your bouquet, use laces instead.

Use Butterflies

Butterflies are perfect for garden wedding bouquets. Plus, they are light. When you use them in your bouquet, your bouquet will look very natural.

They can also be used on a spring or summer wedding bouquet.

Use Ribbons

The use of ribbons in flower arrangements cannot be taken lightly. They are important. Their use in bridal bouquets is also important.

Conventionally, ribbons are used to wrap the stems that make the bouquet holder. But, they can also be used as if they were flowers.

Ribbons with color and design that matches the concept of your bouquet can be used alternately, in between the flowers in your bouquet.

It will create a totally different look. Try it.

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