Vegetative Arrangement.... A Piece Of Nature

A vegetative arrangement represents your garden. It looks like a piece of your garden that has been cut out.

You need to arrange the flowers in this arrangement so that it looks like they are coming out from the ground. There is no particular form for this arrangement.

The important thing to remember is that we want to replicate nature as close as possible.

In this vegetative arrangement I'm going to show you, I'll be using less flowers and more foliage. Here are the flowers and foliage that I'm going to use...

  • yellow gerbera
  • yellow tiger lily
  • hypericum berries
  • johol leaves
  • giant teacup leaves
  • 'tang toi' branch from China
  • polycia leaves
  • purple lytrice
  • calathia leaves
  • snow white leaves (cordyline)
  • green peacock

I started with preparing the basket container. I inserted soaked foam to cover the basket.

Next, I inserted the yellow gerberras, tiger lily and 'tang toi'.

Then, I inserted the polycia, johol and the snow white. Maintain the insertion to form grouping but don't emphasize too much on the grouping.

Because, in nature, the plants are wild and they just grow in all places. So, we want to mimick that.

Also, do not remove the leaves of the flowers. Let them be just the way they are, just like what you see in the garden.

Let's put in more foliage, but leave some space in the front. I inserted the lytrice, peacock and the calathia.

Now that most of the foliage is in, cover the exposed foam with moss. Dampen the moss with water, and put it on the foam to cover it.

To create more garden or nature atmosphere, I put some pebbles on the covered foam. You can also introduce other natural elements in this arrangement, like artificial birds or artificial butterflies or maybe some dried twigs.

As the final touch, I added hypericum berries. Just to lift the color of this vegetative arrangement.

Nature has always been and is our teacher. And creating something as close as nature is very rewarding for me.

Why don't you give it a try...

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