Valentines Day Flower Arrangement For Your Beloved Ones

Send a valentines day flower arrangement to your beloved ones and show them how much you really love him.

If you want them to love you more, send a bouquet of red roses. They will always think of you and you will always be in their minds.

If you are the one who doesn't really show how you feel for him, now is the right time to do so. Valentine flowers will make him appreciated and loved.

Valentines day flower arrangements can come in many shapes and form. Roses are the most common flower for Valentines Day. Depending on the number of roses you send, the message interpreted by the receiver might be different.

1 red rose : love at first sight
3 roses : I love you
7 roses : I'm infatuated with you
9 roses : We'll be together forever
10 roses : You are perfect
11 roses : You are My Treasured One
12 roses : Be mine!
21 roses : I'm dedicated to you
24 roses : Forever yours
36 roses : Remembering our romantic times
40 roses : My genuine love for you
50 roses : Unconditional love
99 roses : I will love you on all the days of my life
101 roses : I'm completely devoted to you
108 roses : Marry me
999 roses : I love you till the end of time

Valentines Day Flower Arrangement Ideas

valentines day flower arrangement

If you have interesting containers for valentines, make them the attraction. You do not need to have elaborate flowers and designs, just minimal flowers to complement your container, like this arrangement. Two or three stalks of red roses in each container, collared by a red net.

valentines day flower arrangement

Small arrangements like these make great decoration for the home.

valentines day flower arrangement

Small silver containers filled with pink hyacinths, white stock, wax flowers and pink roses.

valentines day flower arrangement

A heart shaped wreath made of roses, tulips, freesias and orchids. Adorned with crystal beads and pearls.

valentines day flower arrangement

A red basket arrangement of calla lilies and stargazer lilies.

valentines day flower arrangement

Striped roses in a vase, with their centers decorated with pearl pins. The glass vase is decorated with silver metal wire and a matching colored ribbon.

valentines day flower arrangement

Here is a bouquet of pink roses and gypsophilias with a box of chocolate in the middle.

valentines day flower arrangement

A topiary arrangement of pink roses and pittosporums in a pink terra cotta pot.

valentines day flower arrangement

A simple bouquet of pink roses, limoneum and beargrass in a glass vase.

Make Your Own Valentines Day Flower Arrangement

Isn't it wonderful to receive a rose heart arrangement for your birthday or your anniversary? Wouldn't it be more wonderful if the arrangement is made of pink roses?

That's the feeling your boyfriend or fiance or husband feels if he receives a rose heart arrangement. It would be extra special for him because you made the arrangement yourself.

Here's how to make one.

First, you'll need

  • pink roses
  • cream roses
  • babies breath
  • ferns
  • a container
  • floral foam
  • scissors
  • some pearls for decorative purposes

Firstly, you need to understand the shape of the arrangement. To help you do that, I have drawn a diagram on how it would looklike.

Here's what it looks like from the top...

and from the side...

It is a heart-shaped arrangement and it is not flat. It is slanted so that the roses face the receiver.

Let's get to work.

  • Prepare the container. Cut the foam to fit into the container leaving about an inch above the container.

  • Create the frame of the arrangement using the pink roses and a big cream rose as the focal point (FP). Follow the guide below if you are unsure of the lengths of B, C, D, A and FP.

    Length of B = length of C = height of container + height of foam Length of D = 1.3 of length of BLength of A = 1/2 of length of B = Length of FPFP is at 45 degrees facing you.

  • Once you've created the structure, add roses to fill in the empty spaces near the focal area. Choose big and bloomed roses.

  • Next, keep on defining the heart shape of the arrangement. Add more roses to make it look more like a heart.

  • At this point, take some ferns and cut into short lengths. Insert them into the foam to cover the foam.

  • Then, add more roses to make it look fuller. But be careful. The area between FP and B and D must be puffed up and not flat.

  • Next, add the babies breath in between the roses.

  • If you want, you can add pearls to make it more interesting.

Now, you can send this romantic valentines day flower arrangement to your loved one. He will be very happy to receive it.

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