Unusual Floral Designs

I had a chance to view unusual floral designs by creative florists in the country at a recent flower exhibition, and I'm going to share them with you.

Take a look at these beautiful arrangements and more...

An elegant arrangement of peonies, cherry blossom anthuriums, white pompons, beargrass, ivy leaves and calathea.

A twin glass arrangement of stargazer lilies with hypericum berries outlining the glass vase.

An open golden globe with another globe inside, made of red carnations with pearl decorations. Hanging from the globe are platycerium leaves.

A sculpture made of glued twigs, decorated with red anthuriums, Golden Ramseys and asparagus ferns.

Another interesting sculpture made of coconut fibre, decorated with ivy and white cymbidium orchids.

A bold arrangement of sunflowers with neatly arranged rattan sticks.

This is the arrangement that won the GOLD award. The container itself is unique, with a hole in the middle. The designer took the opportunity to make use of this hole and cleverly integrate it into one part of the arrangement. Dracena leaves, white gerberas, white dendrobium orchids and beargrass are used.

This is a parallel arrangement, using green cymbidiums and pink straws.

This is the first time I've seen egg shells used in an arrangement and I think the designer did a great job. The sculpture itself is wrapped with small pieces of egg shells. Cotton 'softens' the arrangement.

Using bottles and armatures, this cherry blossom anthuriums and purple dendrobium arrangement catches the eye.

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