Which Types Of Tulips Do You Prefer?

First of all, do you know how many types of tulips are there?

Tulips are considered one of the most popular spring flower and one of my favourite flowers, too. There are so many species of tulips that they are divided into 15 categories.

The categories are Single Early, Double Early, Triumph, Darwin Hybrid, Single Late, Lily-flowered, Fringed,Viridiflora, Rembrandt, Parrot, Double Late, Kaufmanniana, Fosteriana, Griegii and Wild Tulips.

They are all different from one another in terms of time of blooming and flower shape.

Single Early

As the name suggests, this tulip is the first one to bloom. Usually one flower per stem and the flower is in the shape of a cup.

Examples of Single Early are White Cascade (white), Diana (white), Flair (red with yellow lining), Merry Christmas (red) and Brilliant Star (red).

Double Early

This type of tulip has more petals than the normal tulip and blooms nicely. Some of the varieties are Monte Carlo (yellow), Peach Blossom (pink), Orange Nassau (reddish orange) andBonanza (orange and yellow).

Triumph Tulips

The triumph is a cross between the early flowering singles and late flowering singles. It also comes in a wide range of colours.

Apricot Beauty (apricot), Calgary (white), Oscar (red), Hibernia (white) and Shirley (white with purple lining) are some of the examples of the Triumph species.

Darwin Hybrid

The Darwin Hybrid is one of the tallest type of tulips. With long stems and multi colors, it is suitable for hand-tied wedding bouquets.

It is actually a cross between Darwin tulips and the Fosteriana.

Examples are like Orange Bowl (orange and yellow), Pink Impression (pink), Queen of the Night (black), Elizabeth Arden (dark pink) and Cream Jewel (cream white).

Single Late Tulips

The Single Late is also like the Darwin Hybrid with a wide variety of colours you can choose from.

Some varieties of the Single Late are Esther (pink with silver lining), Union Jack (white and red) and Blushing Beauty (cream and fuchsia).

Lily-flowered Tulips

The flower is quite thin and the petals are pointing outward and is pointy.

Examples of the Lily-flowered tulips are China Pink (dark pink), West Point (yellow), Elegant Lady (yellow and pink) and Mariette (red).

Fringed Tulips

The Fringed tulips has a special characteristic that is the petals has fringes. They can come in white, red, orange, combination of red and white, yellow, pink, purple and others.

Fancy Frills (cream and pink), Swan Wings (white), Fringed Elegance (yellow) and Burgundy Lace (red) are some of the varieties.

Viridiflora Tulips

Most of the petals of this tulip is partially green.

Some varieties of the Viridiflora are Green Wave (purple and green), Spring Green (cream white and green), Violet Bird (mauve and green) and Artist (red and green).

Rembrandt Tulips

Very famous type of tulip in the 1600's in Holland and is no more available. There are however tulips from other categories that resemble the original Rembrandt Tulips.

Some examples are Ice Follies (white with dark red, from Triumph), Mona Lisa (yellow and red, from Lily-flowered), Olympic Flame (yellow and red, from Darwin Hybrids) and Burning Heart (white and red, also from Darwin Hybrids).

Parrot Tulips

The petals of the Parrot tulips are not straight. They are often curled or twisted. The size of the flower is also quite large.

Flaming Parrot (yellow and red), Texas Flame (yellow and red), Rococo (red and green) and Black Parrot (purple and black) are some examples.

Double Late

This is my favourite tulip of all. The Double Late tulips blooms quite late in spring but lasts a long time.

The Double Late is absolutely beautiful. When blooms, the flower opens up quite big and they look like Peonies. It is perfect for a round wedding bouquet.

Their varieties are like Lilac Perfection (lilac), Yellow Tacoma (yellow), Uncle Tom (maroon) and Miranda (red).


The Kaufmanniana is beautiful when it blooms. The petals open up into a beautiful flower under the sun.

Some varieties are Concerto (cream), Tarafa (red and white), Shakespeare (red and orange) and Scarlet Baby (red).


The Fosteriana is special. The petals are pointy in nature. Also great for your tulip wedding bouquet.

The varieties are for instance, Zombie (red and cream), Golden Emperor (yellow) and Sweetheart (yellow and white lining).


The Griegii petals are pointy,too. They come in bright colours and often a combination of two colours.

Examples are like Cape Cod (red and yellow), Pinocchio (red and white), Turkish Delight (cream and dark brown) and Dreamboat (pink and yellow).

Wild Tulips

This type of tulips are practically short and ideal for garden planting. They have many varieties.

Some of the varieties are Lilac Wonder (lilac with yellow), Bright Gem (yellow and orange), Peppermint (red and white) and Eastern Star (red and yellow).

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