Type Of Wedding Flowers

Choosing the type of wedding flowers is just as important as the wedding dress for any anticipated bride.

How do you choose between fresh flowers, silk flowers and preserved flowers for your centerpieces, bouquets, corsages and so on?

Fresh Wedding Flowers

Everybody loves fresh flowers. Who doesn't? But they need special attention. Not all flowers are the same. Some dry faster than others, some bruise easily, some take longer time to bloom, some can last a long time. You need to consider these points if you choose fresh flowers for your wedding.

There are techniques that you could apply to treat your flowers so that they last and you can enjoy them longer during the course of your wedding event. These tips can help you enjoy them longer.

How to care for cut flowers

Keeping cut flowers fresh

Making flower arrangements last longer

Silk Wedding Flowers

Silk flowers are artificial flowers, but remarkably and posiible with today's technology look so real! They are not that difficult to work with. Each stem is wired, so when arranging, you can position each bloom at the exact position in the arrangement.

If you are having a destination wedding, or need to transport your bouquet or centerpieces to a further location, you might want to consider silk flowers. During transportation, the flowers might be distorted, but can be easily fixed when you arrive at the location.

The disadvantage is, they are more expensive than the fresh flowers.

Preserved Flowers

Using innovative technology, fresh flowers are being preserved so that they can maintain their freshness longer. They are actually fresh flowers, but being treated with a chemical so that the flower stays fresh and bloom for a longer time.

If you are on budget, preserved flowers are not for you, because they are more pricey than the fresh ones.


Greens or leaves, play an important part in wedding arrangements too. In bridal bouquets, you don't need them all the time.

They not only provide a more natural look to your bouquet, but they can hide certain mechanics in your bouquet like covering the foam in the bouquet holder or covering them stems of the bouquet.

Greens like bear grass will give lines to your bouquet, whereas broader leaves like draceana leaves or aspidistra leaves can be used to cover the stems.

Broader leaves like monstera leaves can be incorporated into the bouquet itself, because of their beautiful fan-like structure.

For more straight lines, I like to use horsetails or cypress sticks.

With clever mix and match of the type of wedding flowers, you can create the most beautiful wedding flower arrangements, even with the simplest designs!

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