Tulip Wedding Bouquet For Your Spring Wedding

Tell your husband-to-be that he is your 'perfect lover' with a tulip wedding bouquet.

Tulips bring out the happy mood on your wedding day. They come in multiple bright colors to make your wedding an unforgettable one.

Especially because it comes in bright spring colors, it can be easily matched with your wedding gown. And the types vary, too. You can choose from a wide variety of tulips to suit your taste.

Tulips will not tear your wedding gown. It has no thorns. Not only a tulip wedding bouquet attractive, it is safe to carry ,too.

You do not have to worry about which wedding bouquets are suitable for you. Tulips can be arranged into cascade bouquets, round bouquets or even hand-tied bouquets. You are sure to find something you like.

You also need not worry about your flowers getting dried after some time. Tulips are long-lasting. It can retain moisture over a long period of time compared to other flowers.

You can also mix tulips with other flowers of your choice for your wedding bouquet. The choice is endless.

Tulips, in general, is the symbol of The Perfect Lover. That is why it is an ideal type of flower to use in weddings.

If you choose red tulips for your wedding, you are declaring your love to your partner. Yellow tulips mean that you are hopelessly in love with your partner. And cream-colored tulips mean that you will love your partner forever.

Tulip Bouquet Ideas

Tulip itself has a lot of varieties. Combining them with other flowers create an infinite choice of lovely wedding bouquets.

tulip wedding bouquet

A red hand-tied bouquet of parrot tulips with beargrass.

tulip wedding bouquet

Mix pink tulips, pink roses with blue and purple hyacinths, and collar them with cordyline leaves.

tulip wedding bouquet

An all orange bouquet of tulips and roses.

tulip wedding bouquet

White tulips with green pompons, collared by dark green leaves in this hand tied bouquet. Surrounding the flowers are fine wire, just to give some movement. The bouquet stems are wrapped with white fabric, also wrapped with the fine wire.

tulip wedding bouquet

Tulips in yellow, orange and red, mixed with white calla lilies in this round bridal bouquet.

Other Ideas Using Tulips

For a cascade bouquet, mix white tulips with bright yellow calla lilies. Or you can have an all-white bouquet with white tulips and white stephanotis.

For round bouquets, mix white tulips and red roses.

For hand-tied bouquets, get white tulips, agapanthus, snapdragon and lisianthus and tie them together with a white satin ribbon.

Tulips wedding bouquets will create a romantic atmosphere on your most memorable day. It is the perfect wedding bouquet any bride can have on her wedding day.

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