Tropical Wedding Flowers

A guide on how to choose your tropical wedding flowers.

To throw a tropical themed wedding, you need your tropical flowers for all your floral decorations. Bridal bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, etc.

Tropical flowers are usually durable to withstand the hot temperature. And there are many varieties to choose from.

For large centerpieces, you can use bulky flowers like Birds Of Paradise, Heliconias, gingers, etc.

For medium-sized arrangements, for centerpieces for example, you can choose orchids, frangipanis, anthuriums or any other tropical flower.

Hibiscus is a tropical flower as well, but it cannot stand the heat. So, florists will never use hibiscus for weddings.

Orchids are very popular wedding flower, especially the phalaenopsis orchid or Moth Orchid, the cymbidium orchids and the dendrobium orchids.

They can be used in any wedding arrangement. They can be in your bridal bouquets, your table centerpiece, your corsage or boutonnieres.

They come in various beautiful colors as well. White, yellow, mauve, purple.

Anthuriums are another versatile flower, and it comes in beautiful colors as well, like white, red, cherry pink, purple.

They are good for making arrangements with lines. You can create a cascading effect in your bouquet if you use them in your bridal bouquet.

For corsages, orchids are very preferred. The phalaenopsis orchid or the cymbidiums make beautiful corsages and boutonnieres.

If you really want to have that tropical wedding feeling, you can use Hawaiian garlands or headbands made of tropical flowers.

For wedding favors, you can use flip flops that are decorated with tropical flowers.

There are many tropical wedding flowers you can use in your tropical wedding. I'm sure you'll have a hard time deciding.

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