Texture In Flower Arrangements

Texture is one of an important factor in floral designing.

What is texture?

Basically put, it is the physical structure of a material. A material can be rough or smooth, straight or curvy, shiny or matte, coarse or fine.

In a flower arrangement, the use of texture varies but crucial. You can introduce different type of structureinto the arrangement, or you can even put the same texture into an arrangement. The important thing to keep in mind is control.

Introducing too many textures can make an arrangement looks overly done and too less can make it look dull and uninteresting.

Every time you are choosing your materials for your arrangement, you are actually making a decision on texture. Texture adds interest into your design.

Here is an arrangement which I have done to emphasize on texture in an arrangement.

Here is what it looks like from the sides...

The materials I've used are :

  • green calla lilies
  • sunflower
  • green dendrobiums
  • twigs
  • song leaves
  • dracena leaves
  • compressed dried twigs

The most prominent part of this arrangement is the calla lilies. Notice that the structure is straight and long. So, placing them in thatposition is the best. It didn't obstruct any of the other material and the beautiful lines of the stem can be clearly seen.

Another similar straight structure are the twigs. They are hard and their individuality is emphasized in this arrangement.

The sunflowers are a total different story. They are really big, bright and round flowers. Putting them alone creates a whole new look for the arrangement.

The dendrobium orchids are quite long and has small round buds branching from all angles. The shape of the orchids is not clearly defined.

The compressed dried twigs are rough in surface, another texture introduced in this arrangement.

The dracena leaves' flowery nature is also introduced here.

The spiky texture of the song leaves made this arrangement even more interesting.

Although all these materials have different textures from one another, but as a whole, this arrangement is pleasing to the eye and achieved balance.

That is what we want in any arrangement.

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