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A teardrop bouquet is a bouquet shaped like tears on the verge of dropping. Hence, the name 'teardrop'.

It is one of the popular bridal bouquet types.

Because of its symmetrical shape, the flowers on the left and right should be equally proportioned. However, this alone will not create a beautiful bouquet.

The important point of this bouquet is to create the flow within the flowers in the bouquet.

Below are some points to help create a beautiful bouquet.

#1 - If you draw a vertical line right through the center of the bouquet, the distance from center to left and center to right is the same. This will create a balanced bouquet.

#2 - Use the same type of flower from the top of the bouquet, to the center, to the bottom right to the most bottom part of the bouquet, to create a main flow in the bouquet. Those flowers should not be positioned in a straight line but a curved line.

#3 - Apart from the main flow, create other secondary flow with other flowers in the bouquet. This will create more movement in the bouquet and make your bouquet more interesting to look at.

#4 - Within a flow line, create contrast by alternating big and small flowers. After a big flower, is a small flower. After a small flower, comes a big flower. Again, this creates movement in the bouquet.

#5 - The center of the upper part should be the focal flower. The biggest and most bloom flower. This will be the center of attention of the bouquet.

#6 - Use all the flower materials to create the bouquet. What you use in the upper part, you can use in making the teardrop part. Your bouquet will be more uniformed.

#7 - When positioning the flowers, be sure to create dimension. Some flowers are positioned a little inward and some a little outward. By not creating a flat surface, your bouquet will look much better.

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