Tall Wedding Centerpieces

Tall wedding centerpieces can make your wedding look elegant. But ,of course, tall centerpieces would require more materials and thus more flowers or else it will look bare.

Most of the tall arrangements that you see in weddings, often has more volume at the top than the at the base.

This is because we want to keep the eye level between guests clear of obstruction, so that conversation can take place without interruption.

When this is the case, wedding florists need to make sure the design is balanced. Have more design on top and keep the continuity to the bottom of the centerpiece.

Ideas For Your Tall Wedding Centerpieces

tall wedding centerpieces

Red, pink and orange gerberas, green mums with lemon slices in a tall martini glass container.

tall wedding centerpieces

Semi sphere of roses sitting on a tall glass container.

tall wedding centerpieces

A blue tall centerpiece with purple hydrangeas. In the glass vase, are blue stones. Sometimes, having less materials like this idea can still get the result you want.

tall wedding centerpieces

An english style centerpiece of pink and green, with hanging green amaranthus, pink ranunculuses, white hydrangeas, ammi and green lisianthus.

Setting Up Tall Wedding Centerpieces

There are many ways to make a tall centerpiece. First and foremost, you need to have a tower vase, a tall glass container. For the flower arrangement on top, you need some foam for the flower insertion. The foam will also serve as the source of water supply for your flowers.

1. You can take a block foam and place on top of the container opening, and carve out the size of the opening. Then, cut out a square from the block foam with the size that you measured to fit the container opening. After soaking the foam in water, you can cover the bottom with plastic and securing the plastic with a celophane tape to prevent water from dripping. You then fix the wet foam on the top of the container. Make sure half of the foam goes in, and the other half is exposed for the flower insertion. You can then begin to arrange your flowers.

If you want to decorate the inside of container, you need to place the vase fillers first before setting the foam. This is the unprofessional way of assembling your tall centerpiece. Use this method if you do not have florist products available to use.

2. Another way is to use a bouquet holder. It comes with a foam and a plastic holder. Arrange your flowers on the bouquet holder first, then place the bouquet on the glass container.

3. Another useful florist product is the caged foam holder. It is a plastic cage with a foam inside, and the sides comes with an extension so that you can place the holder directly on top of the glass container. Once the foam is soaked with water and the flowers are in, it becomes quite heavy and when placed on the container, it becomes quite stable.

4. Or you could use a plastic dish, with a foam attached in the center of the dish using the waterproof tape. After arranging the flowers, you can place the dish on top of the glass container.

You can directly arrange the flowers on top of the glass container but it is quite risky.

You can work on the top arrangement on a table but you need to place it on a higher platform to work on. This way, you can arrange and position any hanging materials that flows down from the top.

Tall Wedding Centerpieces Vase Fillers

For a tall centerpiece, the fillers must match the flowers or materials on top, whether the same color or material. If your centerpiece contains green grapes, you might want to fill the bottom of the container with green grapes or something that is green in color.

You can use things like cube or sphere rainbow foams, powder rainbow foams, rattan balls in assorted colors, water pearls, sisal or colorful stones.

You can also put flower blooms at the bottom, curled beargrass, midollino sticks, or line flowers like calla lilies, anthuriums or dendrobium orchids to show some lines inside the container.

For a beach themed wedding, you can fill the bottom with sand, seashells and starfishes.

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