Sunflower Bridal Bouquet For Your Summer Wedding

See how sunflowers can be used in different bouquet styles!

For the vibrant and radiant bride, a sunflower bridal bouquet could be the bouquet for you. Sunflowers are big and kind of flat flowers. They can be used in bridal bouquets but they are not as popular as roses or tulips.

They are often associated with the 'sun', because they resemble the sun themselves. Yellow petals surrounding a round brown center.

Sunflowers carry the meaning of longevity and loyalty, which is why they also suitable for use in bridal bouquets because of the meaning they carry.

But since they are quite large, often only 1 or 2 are used in a bouquet. They can last quite long as well, which is another advantage.

Their stems are thick and strong, which makes them 'hold' in a bouquet.

View a sunflower wedding here.

sunflower bridal bouquet

A round bouquet of sunflowers and craspedias. Very cute.

sunflower bridal bouquet

A bunch of sunflowers tied together to make a bridal bouquet.

sunflower bridal bouquet

A cascading bouquet of sunflowers, foxtails, craspedias and money plant creeper.

sunflower bridal bouquet

A round bouquet of sunflowers, white hydrangeas and white roses.

sunflower bridal bouquet

Sunflowers can be made into arm bouquets too. Here are sunflowers, with some grass and foliage.

sunflower bridal bouquet

A hand tied bouquet of big sunflowers, green hydrangeas, orange roses, green peruvian lilies and orange freesias. I like the stem decoration. The stems are wrapped with yellow ribbon, with another black ribbon to make the stripes and then tie off with the same black ribbon at the top.

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Sunflower Wedding

Sunny sunflowers in bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres in this sunflower wedding.