Planning Your Summer Wedding Flowers

Are you planning to have a summer wedding? What about your summer wedding flowers?

They are as important as all of the other decorations and what the Bride or other members of the wedding will be wearing.

What type of flowers are used in summer weddings and what flowers are available in summer? You can have a variety of colors and many flowers are easily found during the summer months.

Some flowers available in the summer are Baby's Breath, Bachelor Buttons, Carnations, Chrysanthemum, Dahlias, Daisies, Foxglove, Geraniums, Hollyhocks, Hyacinth, Lilies, Orchids, Poppies, Pansies, Roses no matter their color, and of course, the vibrant Sunflower.

The colors used in summer weddings can range from pastels to deep vibrant colors. The darker colors add a variety and romantic feel to the actual wedding that some of the brighter colors cannot.

You would normally to go to a florist to plan your wedding flowers. Before you visit your florist, know what your colors for the wedding are going to be before hand.

Show up at the florist with a picture of your gown and color swatches for each color that is used in the wedding; remember that not everyone’s idea of Blue is the same.

Know each detail of your wedding in advance, so that the florist can help you decide on what type of flowers to go with your wedding theme.

Flowers you should avoid in summer due to low-heat resistance are pretty straight forward and simple. Tulips for one, they tend to open big time in the heat and really aren’t that pretty afterwards. Another is the Gardenia since each time it is touched, it will turn brown in the heat, due to the oils from your skin.

Use summer wedding flowers in your wedding bouquets, centerpieces, corsages and other wedding decorations.

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