Stargazer Lily Bridal Bouquet For Stargazer Lily Fans!

Let's look at ideas to make your own stargazer lily bridal bouquet here.

Of the many types of lilies, stargazer lilies are the most often used in bridal bouquets as well as arrangements. Other lilies include asiatic lilies and oriental lilies.

Stargazer lilies have straight and stiff stems with large flowers. Each flower usually has 6 long petals that is red in the middle and white around the edge.

Each petal also has red dots making it a special flower. To make it even more special, it has a slight fragrance which some like.

If you choose stargazer lilies as your bridal bouquet flower, you may want to know that it carries the meaning of 'purity of heart'.

And when you use stargazer lilies, the you must control the size of your bouquet, because stargazers lilies are big in size and when used too many in a bouquet, your bouquet will look so big and will not look nice. Usually, we just use 2 to 3 stargazers in a bouquet. That is enough to make your bouquet stand out.

The thing about lilies is that they have stamens that can stain. Once they're removed from the flowers, they can be used beautifully. And their petals bruise easily. Be sure to handle them with extra care.

Below are some ideas that you could use to make your own bridal bouquet using stargazer lilies.

Ideas For Your Stargazer Lily Bridal Bouquet

stargazer lily bridal bouquet

A cascading bouquet of red lilies and orange roses.

stargazer lily bridal bouquet

A cascade bouquet of white stargazer lilies, white calla lilies and pink roses.

stargazer lily bridal bouquet

A round hand-tied bouquet of Singapore lilies with pink roses.

stargazer lily bridal bouquet

A cascading bouquet of white lilies, surrounded by white roses, draceana and ivy leaves.

stargazer lily bridal bouquet

Another bouquet of white lilies, ivy leaves and some berries.

stargazer lily bridal bouquet

Pink stargazer lilies with pink and white pompons and some vines as the bouquet collar.

stargazer lily bridal bouquet

This round lily bouquet requires a lot of pink lilies. They are added together with white dendrobiums and purple lisianthus. It has a tropical look to it and very beautiful.

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