Silk Tulip Hand Tied Bouquet For Your Wedding

This silk tulip hand tied bouquet is not purely made up of silk tulips. It is a blue bridal bouquet of white tulips, pink snapdragon, purple agapanthus and purple lisianthus.

Since this bridal bouquet is blue, brides wearing pink wedding dresses or ivory wedding dresses would be suitable for this bouquet.

Firstly, arrange the main flowers in your hands. Take the agapanthus, tulips and lisianthus and form a bunch in your hands.

For the tulips, remove its leaves. Then, cut the stems into about the same length.

It would be difficult to cut the stems because the wires are quite thick. You need to bend the stems back and forth until it is cut.

Then, take the floral tape and wrap the stems together.

Now, let's work on the snapdragon. If we include the snapdragon to the flower bunch, it would be wrong because of the shape of the snapdragon itself.

So, what I did was cut a few flowers at the bottom of the snapdragon stalk. For the remaining part, add it to the bunch of flowers just now.

While holding the bunch of flowers, attach the tulip leaves, too.

Then, using floral tape, tape all the stems together. After that, wrap the stems with white satin ribbon.

Next, I'm adding a bit of design to the bouquet. Tie a small ribbon at the stem, leaving the two ends with one end longer than the other.

Take 3 pieces of the cut snapdragons which were cut earlier and glue to them to the longer end. Take another two cut snapdragons and glue them to the shorter end.

Glue the flowers so that when you lift the bouquet, they look the same on either sides.

Finally, tie a big ribbon using the white satin ribbon at the stem.

This is how your silk tulip hand tied bouquet will look like.

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