I Made This Silk Roses Wreath As A Wedding Gift

My friend is getting married next month and moving into their new home. So I thought why not I make her a silk roses wreath for her to decorate her home and as a wedding gift at the same time.

My husband agreed with the idea and I immediately went to the craft store to get the things I need to make the silk roses wreath.

The things I bought :

  • heart shaped wreath frame made of twigs
  • a bunch of artificial white roses
  • a bunch of artificial orange roses
  • a bunch of artificial orange fillers
  • pearls

Here's how I made it.

First, prepare the heart shaped wreath frame on the working table.

Then, I started creating a strand of pearls using copper wire. Just to add more to the design. Then, I wrap the pearl strand around the wreath frame.

And my wreath frame will look like this.

Next, I prepared the artificial flowers. Cut the stems and leaves of each rose stalk until only the flower is left. The same goes with the fillers.

Then, using a glue gun, I glued three orange roses at the top. Here's how I did it...

For the rest of the roses, I glued them near the wreath frame to maintain the heart shape.

The next thing I did was gluing the fillers into the empty spaces.

And the wreath is done.

I went to the supermarket again to look for a gift box that could fit my wreath.

It all ended up well. I hope they like my gift.

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