How To Make A Silk Roses Crescent Bouquet

A silk roses crescent bouquet has a shape like the crescent. Here, I will show how to make them.

A crescent bouquet consists of 3 main parts. Let's call them A, B and C.

What I'm making here is an assymmetrical crescent bouquet. One end is longer than the other.

So, the A portion is slightly longer than the B portion. Both A and B will look like they are flowing from C, which is the center of the bouquet.

C is where you have to build more volume and is considered as the body of the crescent bouquet.

There are two ways to carry a crescent bouquet. You either carry it horizontally, like this...

or vertically, like this.

To start making,

Here's what we need...

  • artificial flowers (here I am using roses with some fillers)
  • satin ribbon
  • floral tape
  • floral wire

What you have to do is...

  • you need to wire all flowers and leaves one by one. Take a single rose and attach a floral wire to it and tape them together with floral tape. This would make each of the flower and leaf bendable to the direction we want.

  • When that's done, make the A part. Take a single rose and as you go along, tape some leaves and fillers together. Make it look like it is flowing like a waterfall. More flowers on the top side. Here's what A would look like.

  • Next, we make the B. The B is just like the A, only shorter. Also make the B like it is a waterfall. Here's what B would look like.

  • Then, we join A and B together with the largest bloom between them. We are now making the C part. Keep on adding flowers, fillers and leaves between them. Tape them all together using floral tape.

  • While adding the flowers, add also the satin ribbon which is tied with a floral wire.

  • As you keep adding the flowers, adjust them a bit so that every flower can be seen. When you are happy with it, tie a floral wire around the stem to make it stronger. Tape them all into a single strong stem.

  • Then hold it with your hand and cut the stem into the same length at one inch from your hand.

  • Cover the end of the stem with floral tape to avoid the sharp wire ends from destroying your wedding dress.

  • Lastly, we cannot leave the stem with floral tape because it is sticky. Wrap with the same ribbon you used in the bouquet.

There, you now know how to make your own silk roses crescent bouquet. Experiment with other flowers of your choice.

This type of bouquet is very unique because of its shape. Furthermore, it is easy to make. If you like this silk roses crescent bouquet, get the flowers you like and start making. Don't forget to refer to this page...

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