Silk Orchid Cascade Bouquet

And now, I'm going to show you how I made this silk orchid cascade bouquet.

I chose to use silk orchids because they are easy to work with. Plus, and a BIG plus I might add, is that I can prepare it a few days, in fact, a few weeks in advance.

That way, I can use the more time cleaning the house and do last minute shopping instead of worrying about making the bridal bouquet as the wedding day draws near.

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My sister has chose 'gold' as her wedding theme color. Her dress, as you would have guessed, is gold in colour.

What better choice of flowers than the white phalaenopsis. It looks elegant and has that tropical feel. It is perfect.

So I decided to make her a silk phalaenopsis cascade bouquet. I bought two stalks of phalaenopsis orchids and some tropical leaves.

By looking at my sister's body frame, if I were to use the whole stalk of phalaenopsis, the cascade bouquet would turn out big.

So, I started by cutting away some flowers on the top of the stalk, just so that the length of the bouquet is proportionate to her body size.

Then, I took the two stalks and intertwine the branches.

When I am satisfied at how it looks, I use short floral wires to secure the two stalks together.

Then, I bended the two stalks of orchids to make way for the holder.

Then, I wire each cut phalaenopsis flower using a floral wire and tape each of them.

Then, I add each taped phalaenopsis to the intertwined branch. A cascade bouquet is a bouquet which is round at the top and flows gradually to the bottom.

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So, I added the taped flowers at the top of the bouquet to add more volume to it. As I add each of them, I taped it together to the two intertwined stalks.

Now, it's time to fill up the gaps with foliage. I wired each leaf singly.

Then, I added one leaf at a time at the top of the bouquet to make the bouquet fuller. While holding all the stems together tightly, tape all the stems together. This would be the bouquet holder.

If you leave the holder like that, when you hold it for a while it will become sticky because of the floral tape. So, it is better if you wrap the holder with a ribbon.

I used a gold satin ribbon. Now, my silk orchid cascade bouquet is done.

I showed it to my sister and she loved it.

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