Useful Tips On Silk Flower Arranging

Silk flower arranging can be fun especially when you have a beautiful design in mind and want to make to decorate your home.

But sometimes, you get frustated because they are difficult to cut because the stems are too thick or they don't bend the way you want them, too.

When you are in that position, don't give up. Here are some tips to help you make your artificial flower arranging easier and less frustating.

  • If you are planning to make a big silk flower arrangement, you must make sure that the base for the arrangement is strong. What you can do to add weight to your arrangement is, instead of using foam for artificial flowers, use floray clay. They are heavier and can withstand heavy flowers.

  • Silk flowers stems are made from wires so that they are easy to bend. But some stems are really thick and difficult to cut. You need to invest in a good wire cutter in order to be able to cut those stems. A good technique which I also practise is, when your stems are difficult to cut, use the wire cutter to make a cut mark on the stem. Then, use your hands to bend the stem forward and backward until it breaks.

  • In silk flower arranging, th eproper technique will be to cover the foam with moss. First, spray the foam using spray glue. Then, cover the foam with moss bit by bit.

  • Before you start inserting your silk flowers into the foam, first imagine what your arrangement will look like. Plan which flowers will go where and how would they appear. Once you've got the basic idea of how you want your arrangement to be, bend the silk flowers according to how you want them to look like, then begin insertion.

  • Always remember, not only in silk flower aranging but in all flower arranging, the big flowers will always be inserted at the focal area.

  • If you are making a tall arrangement with a low container, you might want to glue your foam onto the bottom base of the container. This is to fully secure the base when making tall arrangements.

  • If you find that certain silk flowers tend to fall out easily, you can always use a glue gun to glue them back to their stem.

  • If you need to lengthen the stems of silk flowers for insertion, you can use floral picks. Floral picks are attached with wires at the end and you can use it to wire the stem to the floral pick. You can also use a thick floral wire. Attach the floral wire to the stem and tape the two together to extend the length of the silk flower.

  • When you first purchase silk flowers, they usually come in a packed bunch. You need to separate the stems so that you can start working on them.

I hope these tips help.

The silk flowers you get nowadays resemble the real thing. Plus, there are so many types and colours to choose from.

With great design and color combination, silk flower arranging can reward you in so many ways.

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