Silk Flower Arrangements With Unique Style And Design

Most people use silk flower arrangements to decorate their homes and offices. Hotels usually uses fresh flowers.

Silk flower arrangements last a long time, and you do not need to change water every now and then because water is not needed at all.

With silk flowers, you can manipulate the flowers to give you the direction, facing and flow you want while arranging them. This is sometimes difficult with fresh flowers due to the natural features of the fresh flowers.

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Most people decorate the living room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom with silk flowers.

Below are examples of arrangements you can use for your home decorating.

silk flower arrangements

silk flower arrangements

silk flower arrangements

silk flower arrangements

Silk Flowers vs Fresh Flowers

More and more people choose silk flowers over fresh flowers in many of their flower arrangements.

Nowadays, the flower industry has evolved so much that silk flowers are beginning to look like the real thing. The shape is almost similar and the colors are perfectly blended to resemble the real flower.

There are many advantages of choosing artificial flowers. Here are some of them.

  • Be it spring, summer, fall or winter, silk flowers will always be available to you. And, you need not worry about the price. Unlike fresh flowers, the price does not depend on its season.

  • You will feel easier carrying a silk flower bouquet because of its light-weight.

  • You will not have bees flying around you when you carry a silk flower bouquet. Fresh flowers will attract insects.

  • If you have allergy to fresh flowers, you will be safe with silk flowers.

  • When you are in contact with silk flowers, you will not have green stains from the stems. The colors of the silk flowers will not transfer to your garment. A good reason for choosing silk flowers over fresh flowers.

  • Silk flowers will never dry up. Therefore, they last longer. They do not need water to keep them fresh, unlike fresh flowers. If you're working on a project using silk flowers, you can stop, have a few days break and continue with your project the next week.

  • They are easier to be shaped. In flower arranging, sometimes we need to define the shape of the bouquet and silk flowers are the best in that sense. The petals and leaves are easily bent to get the shape we want.

  • Because of its flexibility, silk flowers can be transported anywhere without worrying that the arrangements will get out of shape. When reaching the final destination, it can be easily re-structured.

  • Due to its durability, silk flower arrangements can be made early. For example, if your wedding bouquet is made from silk flowers, you can see your bouquet a week before your wedding day.

  • When you are working with silk flowers, you do not have to worry about petals dropping. This can be a big problem sometimes when working with fresh flowers. Another reason for choosing silk flowers over fresh flowers.

It is amazing how much silk flowers can do for you. You can save money because they are cheaper and you can save time because working with them is less hassle. Maybe silk flowers texture and smell have not resembled the real thing yet but there is nothing that science can't do.

In a few years time, silk flowers will look like fresh flowers and you won't be able to tell the difference. All the more reason for you to choose silk flowers over fresh flowers.

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