Use Silk Bridal Bouquet Instead!

Why some brides consider silk bridal bouquet for their wedding?

Fresh flowers are beautiful, no one can say otherwise. But, the quality of silk flowers nowadays are so high that sometimes you cannot tell that which is the real thing and which is fake.

Apart from the resemblance, silk bouquets are easy to handle. When packing to go to your wedding place, you need not worry about the flowers getting ruined due to mishandling.

They can also be prepared in advance, no worries about moisture absorption.

Another point to consider, is that after the wedding, the bouquet flowers can be kept for future projects. You can make a corsage out of it, a wreath, or maybe decorate a wicker basket with it. There are so many uses of it.

With all these advantages, it wil be no surprise if you choose silk flowers for your bridal bouquet.

When you buy your own silk flowers at the flower shop, there are many kinds available.

There is the bush type, where several flowers and its leaves are from a single stem. They can be of the same type of flower or different type.

Then, they are also have the stem type, where one flower with its long stem and some leaves is available.

The spray type, is often one big flower and few smaller flowers of the same kind.

And the bundle type, is several stems of flower tied together and sold as a bunch.

For foliage, the branch type is available.

You can pick any of these to make your silk bridal bouquet.

Below are some ideas of how to make your own. Hope you find them attractive.

Silk Wedding Bouquet Ideas

silk tulip hand tied bouquet
Silk tulip hand tied bouquet
silk orchid cascade bouquet
Silk orchid cascade bouquet
silk roses crescent bouquet
Silk roses crescent bouquet

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