The scabiosa flower is a really special flower. They don't come in many colors. The blue variety is famous for blue wedding themes and the burgundy variety is great for black and white themes.

The scabiosa pods are great for fall weddings. They can be used in bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces. And, they can be used to make pomanders as well. The pomanders can be for the bridesmaids and also be used as part of the centerpieces.



$129.99 for 100 stems



$89.99 for 5 bunches



$129.99 for 100 stems


Scabiosa Pods

$139.99 for 10 bunches

Scabiosa pods in groom's boutonnieres

scabiosa boutonniere

Scabiosa pods are very playful, as they are round in shape. They are also popular in fall weddings because of its color. This boutonniere is looking very chic with galax leaf, lambs ear, brunias, buttons and colorful ribbon to top it off.

Other ideas to use the pods are making them into pomanders. The pomanders can be carried by the flower girls, made into flower ball centerpieces and also topiaries for wedding decorations.

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