What Is A Good Round Bridal Bouquet?

The round bridal bouquet is one of the most popular bridal bouquet forms. Many chooses this type because it's sweet and looks neat.

And furthermore, it is versatile. Any flower can be made into a round bouquet, whereas for a cascade bouquet or a crescent bouquet, you need to find flowers with lines to get the shape or form desired.

Here, I will explain about the characteristics of the round bridal bouquet.


- Firstly, the same flower in the bouquet is positioned adjacently to each other. Focus on one flower and then look at the nearest flower's position.

It must come either upper left or lower right of the flower. Other flower material observes the same rule as well.

The purpose is to create movement within the bouquet itself. This will enhance the look of your bouquet.


- Secondly, if you draw a horizontal line right through the center of the bouquet, you will notice that the upper part is slightly smaller than the lower part.

Which means, the length from the center to the most bottom point is slightly longer than the center line to the top point of the bouquet.

In this way, when the bouquet is completed, you will see the stability and volume of the bouquet.


- The facing of the flowers in the bouquet is not in one direction. They are positioned so that the direction is slightly deviated from each other.

When this is done, you can start to see movement and this will create a dynamic bouquet.


- When you have several flower types to make a round bouquet, be sure to position small flowers surrounding a big flower, or big flowers surrounding a small flower.

When you start to create a rhythm like this, you can see that your bouquet is more dimensional and looks better.


- When you have big flowers and small flowers in a bouquet, be sure to place the big flowers a little bit outward than the small flowers.

When you can slightly see the side-face of the big flower, you create a more dimensional bouquet.

These are some of the keypoints of a round bouquet. If you are making your own bouquet, observe these points and your bouquet could not go wrong.

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