Making A Rose Wrist Corsage Is Really Easy

Instead of carrying a bridal bouquet, some brides prefer to wear a wrist corsage. A wrist corsage or a wirstlet is a small arrangement of flowers that you wear on your wrist.

The advantage of it is your hands are free and your movements are not restricted. Some brides prefer it this way.

Here, I will show you how to make a simple rose wrist corsage. You actually can use fresh flowers for your wrist corsage but it will not last long. So here, I'm using artificial flowers.

I'm using ...

  • 2 pink roses
  • some fillers
  • some leaves
  • floral tape
  • decorative wire

Before we start making the corsage, we need to prepare the flowers first. Cut all the flowers short.

Then, tape each flower with floral wire. This makes it easier to shape them according to the direction you want. Cut the leaves separately, too.

In making the wirst corsage, the first thing to do is to tape the main flowers together. So, I take the 2 pink roses and tape them together using the floral tape.

Next, I taped the fillers together with the main flowers.

Then, tape the leaves at each side of the corsage.

The last step is to attach the decorative wire to the wrist corsage. The decorative wire will make it possible for the corsage to be attached to your wrist.

And now, you can make your own wrist corsage. Select the flowers you like. You can even add fruits or seeds to your corsage to make it more interesting.

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