Steps To Make Your Rose Corsage

This is a simple rose corsage and quite easy to make. For added beauty, I've added pearls to it.

To make this, you'll need a wire cutter, corsage pin (safety pin), 3 cream roses (cut the stems to about an inch height), polycias or tea leaf, pearls in copper wire, floral tape, floral stem and ribbon.

Start making :

  • First, we need to strengthen the rose stems. Take one wire stem and insert through the rose's stem. Bend the two sides down. Do the same with the other two roses. Put them in a container of water to maintain freshness.

  • Then, take each rose with some polycias, hold them in position and wrap around the stems with floral tape. Do the same with the other two roses.

  • Combine all three together as such that it is in a triangle in your hand. Insert some pearls in between roses. Wrap the stem with floral tape first.

  • Next, we prepare the corsage pin. With a floral wire, wrap around the safety pin like what I did in the picture. Put it at the back of the corsage near the top rose.By doing this, we can avoid the corsage from facing downward when we secure it on clothes. Wrap with floral tape.

  • Lastly, take a ribbon and tie a bow at the bottom near the stems. Wrap again with floral tape. Your corsage is done.

Now you can make on your own. But remember, there is so much so can do with corsages. Be creative. Try with different flowers and different colours.

You can also try to make a rose wrist corsage.

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