Rose Cone Bouquet For Your Wedding

Here, I'm giving an example of a rose cone bouquet. You can have many other varieties, depending on your creativity.

This bridal bouquet is a very unique bouquet and called a cone bouquet because of the shape.

This bridal bouquet has very less flowers and gives a modern look to whoever that carries it on their wedding day.

Now, let's start making..

First, we need to prepare the cone. The cone is actually made of plastic.

Cut a piece of transparent plastic into a rectangular shape. Roll it starting from one corner to make a cone. Secure the rolling with cellophane tape.

Now, decorate the cone.

Take some green coloured sisal fibre and glue them onto the cone surface. Make sure the sisal fibre is evenly distributed all around the cone.

When that's done, take a few red coloured skeleton leaves to glue them onto the sisal fibre near the mouth of the cone. Your cone should look like this...

Next, we make the cone's tail. Take two strands of copper wire. At both ends of each wire, attach a pearl and a skeleton leaf to it. Just like these...

Bend the wires into two and at the other end (the end without the skeleton leaves), make a hook. This hook will secure the tail at the cone once you insert it.

Now take some more green sisal fibre. This time, shape it into a flat round with a hole in the middle. Something like this...

Leave that aside. We're going to use that a bit later.

Now, it's flower arranging time. This part is fairly easy. You need 6 or 7 stalks of yellow two-toned roses. Cut them short and start arranging them in your hands.

Arrange them to form a round semi ball.

At the place where you hold the roses together, bind them using a cellophane tape.

Wrap the end of the stems with wet cotton. Put the roses into a small plactic bag and close it using cellophane tape.

Put that aside for just a little while.

Take a strand of pearls. You can also make it using copper wire and white pearls.

Attach it to the cone to make the cone look more decorative.

Now we can use our shaped sisal fibre. Insert the yellow roses into the sisal fibre through the hole, and put the whole thing into the cone.

Here's your rose cone bouquet. Very unique and different for the sophisticated bride.

Hope you like it.

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