How Can Anyone Resist A Rose Bridal Bouquet?

Beautiful pictures and ideas for your rose bouquet!

A rose bridal bouquet has been the choice of many brides since long time ago. Some brides even insist on roses.

A large range of colors and species, and available almost all-year round make this flower the most versatile.

Although it has thorns, brides still choose them because of its beauty and the meaning it carries. Besides, your rose wedding bouquet will be thorn-free because your florist will remove them for you before hand.

Its stem is quite strong and straight, so it is easy to handle them as bridal bouquets.

Practically any type of rose can be used in bridal bouquets, but most of the common ones are Black Baccara, Avant-garde, Milano, Aqua, Sweet Akito, Bianca and Avalanche roses.

Ideas For Your Rose Bouquet

Creamy white spray roses and ivory ‘Vendela’ hybrid tea roses with pink-and-white ‘Esperance’ hybrid tea roses form this round bouquet, accessorized with crystals.

‘Akito’ hybrid tea roses and ‘Cream Gracia’ spray roses, ranging from buds to blooms to petal-dropped calyxes, is enhanced with a vining collar of curly willow in this bouquet.

A cream roses bouquet, with great design of the beargrass leaves. Bouquet stem is wrapped with draceana leaves.

Make Your Own Rose Bouquet

  • Rose Cone Bouquet
    A cone bouquet of yellow two-toned roses, with trailing pearls. Something different.

  • Rose Composite Bouquet
    A composite bouquet (glameria) of white roses and trailing moss. Most suitable for the bride who wants to make a statement.

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