Rose Boutonnieres

Choose rose boutonnieres that match the brides' rose in their bridal bouquets.

They are quite popular in boutonnieres because they are very versatile. Can be combined with practically any other flower or leaves.

Some prefer a single bloom on their boutonniere, while some may prefer two or three.

rose boutonnieres

Here, a single bloom of red rose, with leaucadendron and several more types of leaves.

rose boutonnieres

Here is a single white rose, but cleverly using the hypericum berries, it created a modern look for this boutonniere.

rose boutonnieres

Another simple idea is just using a red rose and a stephanotis. The stem is wrapped with brown floral tape, making this a 'natural look' boutonniere.

rose boutonnieres

A single purple rose with gumnuts is enough for an elegant boutonniere for the groom.

A Strawberry Themed Summer Rose Boutonniere

rose boutonnieres

Strawberries are so playful that you want to make it into a wedding theme. I love that idea. A strawberry wedding theme will have strawberries in your bridal bouquets, wedding centerpieces, wedding cake and even your boutonnieres!

This is a perfect summer wedding boutonniere, in which you use a single bloom of yellow rose, coupled with two fresh strawberries and some hypericum berries for a different texture. To finish it off, use a red polka dot ribbon for that casual and playful look. I hope you love this boutonniere idea like I do!

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