Ribbon Bridal Bouquet

The ribbon bridal bouquet photos below will show you that you do not need big amount of flowers to make beautiful bouquets.

In some bouquets, ribbons play an important part in the look of the bouquet itself And there are many ways to use the ribbons in the bouquet.

As in this pink bouquet, pink roses are the only flower material needed.

The pink ribbon and lace make this bouquet even sweeter to look at.

In this next bouquet, the ribbon is used as a long tail to the bouquet. This made the bride look taller and slimmer.

Here is the closeup of the bouquet itself. Purple calla lilies, pink dahlias and orange roses made a perfect combination.

Another idea is to use the ribbons heavily below the bouquet. Tie several loops below the flowers, like in this bouquet.

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