Red Bridal Bouquets

When choosing a bridal bouquet, the first thing that comes to mind is the color of the bridal bouquet.

For red bridal bouquets, you will not have trouble choosing. You can find the choice of red flowers in almost any type of flower.

Red Flowers

Red flowers make beautiful wedding flowers and arrangements.

Usually, Roses are used for red bouquets. The most commonly used rose varieties are the Grand Prix, Bacara, Passion, Mimi Eden or Milano.

Apart from roses, the secondly most used flower for a red bouquet is Tulips. Varieties like Rococo, Avignon, Kingsblood, Red Dawn or Palade are often used.

If you want a red tropical bouquet, you can use red Anthuriums for your bouquet.

Red Carnations, red Gerberas, red Peonies or red Amaryllis can also be used in making bridal bouquets.

For red gerbera varieties, florists will usually use Indian Red, Ibrox or the Shania variety.

Red peonies are like Banquet, Cherry Festival and Chinese Dragon. For darker reds, Thunderbolt will be a good choice.

Other not so common wedding flowers are like Cockscomb, Strawberry Candle or Anemones.

Passionate red bridal bouquets that you'll love

red bridal bouquets

A bouquet of red roses with hoya vines, and wired crystals for decoration.

red bridal bouquets

A lovely hand tied bouquet of red roses and red hypericum berries.

red bridal bouquets

A hand tied bouquet of red anemones.

red bridal bouquets

A round hand-tied bouquet of red and pink roses, surrounded by hoya vines.

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