Purple Flowers

Purple flowers are popular for weddings. Many brides choose this type of flowers because of its special color. The color ranges from the soft hues of lavender or violet to the darker ones like burgundy or magenta.

Let's take a look at these some of the popular purple blooms.

Purple Orchids

Orchids have the most beautiful purple varieties. The Vanda is absolutely stunning. The purple dendrobiums are the spray type, having many flowers in a single stem. The purple Phalaeopsis really catches the eye. All these varieties make stunning wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Purple Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas come in light purple and dark purple. Both have papery petals and make lovely wedding flower arrangements. They can go with alike colored flowers, white flowers, green flowers and other interesting combinations.

Purple Pansies

Purple pansies are very unique. Their striking centers is what draws attention to them. When used in arrangements, you sometimes do not need to have many types of flowers because you may want to expose the beauty of the pansies more.

Purple Iris

The purple iris is special too. Against the striking purple petals are white and yellow centers. The contrasting colors are beautiful.

Purple Carnations

Yes, carnations come in purple too. You can find a lot of arrangement ideas using purple carnations on this site. Carnations have fluffy petals and if you find them arrived without having bloomed, don't panic. The remedy is simple. Just use your hand and fingers and force open the petals for a full bloom. It works marvellously.


Lilac is popular choice for brides. They are small flowers, often used as fillers but the advantage is, they smell nice. Having them in a bunch, then tie with a purple ribbon, you get yourself a country style wedding bouquet.


Same goes for lavender. This fragrant flower is commercialized to make perfumes, aromatherapy oil, room spray, candle scents, etc. If you use lavender for your wedding, whenever you get a chance to smell them, you will always be reminded of that special day.


These are not so popular but there are florists who like to use them. They are purple in nature. They don't come in any other color variety (at least not that I know of). They have purple petals with purple centers.

Purple Hyacinths

Hyacinths are lovely spring flowers. They are small flowers, and they grow a lot on a single stem. You can use them as is in your arrangements, or you can separate each floret (hyacinth pip) to make other decorations.


Agapanthus is a quite popular purple flower too. The problem is, their stems are straight and quite hard. They can be used in arrangements, but a bit hard to handle in wedding bouquets. But, it is not impossible.


These are lovely filler flowers. They look like animal tails. When you use them in bouquets, their tails will be jutted out creating a different dimension and texture for the bouquet.

Purple Lisianthus

Lisianthus comes in light purple and dark purple variety. Their petals are fluffy and their stems are soft and cannot hold straight. But their blooms are beautiful. Sometimes, you'll find that their petals don't open up, so you blow their centers. That way, they open up and show their prettier blooming face.


This is another beautiful filler flowers. The dark purple color can go against pink flowers, white flowers, blue flowers, and even green flowers.

Purple Roses

Purple roses are very famous in weddings, as they elegantly decorate your wedding bouquet, centerpieces, etc. Mix them with blue flowers like muscaris or green flowers like hydrangeas to bring out the best of them.

There may be other purple flowers that I may not have mentioned here, but these some of the common or popular ones used.

Arrange your purple flowers to make these beautiful flower creations...

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