Purple Bridal Bouquets

If you choose purple bridal bouquets, you might have a difficult choice to have to make, because there are not many purple flowers available.

But if you are successful, you will be creating a very unique bridal bouquet for yourself.

Purple flowers that are available

Purple flowers are popular for weddings.

Orchids are available in purple. For instance, the dendrobium orchids, the vanda orchids and the phalaenopsis orchids, all come in purple.

For Roses, you can only find the Pacific Blue or Cool Water roses in lavender.

Tulips are also available in purple, like the Queen Of The Night, Perfection, Purple Prince and Atilla.

Purple Lisianthus and Hyacinths are very sweet. So are Peonies. Peony purple varieties that you could choose are Anna Marie and Chore (these are light purple in color). For darker purple, you can choose the Kamada Nishiki and Murad Of Hershey Bar.

Other not so common wedding flowers but make the bouquet or arrangement special are Agapanthus, Lavender, Cineraria and Lilacs.

Agapanthus has very strong stem and lavender and lilac have soothing fragrance.

Iris is also quite popular to use in weddings. The purple and yellow contrast makes it very attractive. Calla lilies are also available in purple, namely the Purple Eye variety. Pansy and Muscari are nice flowers for weddings, too.

When using purple, you can match with white or green flowers. For more contrast, you can use yellow or orange flowers and complement with green.

Gorgeous pictures of purple bridal bouquets

purple bridal bouquets

A hand tied bouquet of pink roses, Pacific Blue rose, green pompoms, green berries and purple hydrangeas.

purple bridal bouquets

A round bouquet of purple lisianthus and snowberries.

purple bridal bouquets

An elegant teardrop bouquet of purple cosmos.

purple bridal bouquets

Hot pink peonies with purple lisianthus and dusty miller in this hand tied bouquet.

purple bridal bouquets

An arm bouquet of lavender roses.

More purple bouquet ideas

  • For an exotic and modern bouquet, try purple phalaenopsis orchids, with Lady Slippers orchids, purple peonies, privet berries, magnolia leaves and hanging roots.

  • A sweet purple wedding bouquet of lavender freesias, white roses and purple skimmias with Dusty Millers.

  • A hand tied bouquet of purple irises and bright yellow calla lilies. The contrasting color of purple and yellow will make this bouquet look stunning.

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