Professional Floral Design

Take a look at professional floral design by professional florists at a flower exhibition.

You can find many interesting ideas that you could use into your flower arrangements, like decorating your fish bowl aquarium with an arrangement. I also have a fish bowl at home and now thinking of how i can decorate it.

Hope these designs will inspire you, too.

A typical tropical arrangement using heliconias and calatheas with some sunflowers and purple pansies.

A lovely vase arrangement that looks like an S-curve arrangement where the bottom part is a branch of a tree.

A bright arrangement using orange colored foam, decorated with red anthuriums and yellow dendrobiums.

An arrangement with a 'sandwich' made of flowers. Two rattan pieces make the bread, with gladiolus, red anthuriums and yellow dendorbiums make the 'sandwich' contents.

An interpretive L arrangement of calathea, red and green anthuriums, banksia and a log.

An arrangement that uses acryllic stems with red roses, pink roses and hypericum berries.

A glass bowl aquarium with an arrangement on top. The arrangement consists of purple statice, eustoma, Golden Ramseys and english ivy.

A special arrangement of bird of paradise, red anthuriums, hypericum berries and red carnations.

Another unique arrangement. The top part is an orange dendrobium ball, the bottom part is a glass container filled with orange coloured stones and topped with green dendrobium. The top and bottom are connected by a beautiful branch.

Red celosias, white dendrobium orchids and draceana leaves on a weaved plate make a beautiful arrangement such as this one.

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