Ideas For Pink Bouquets

Pink bouquets for a lovely spring wedding. Pink flowers are an abundance in spring. You'll find many great designs of wedding bouquets using flowers like roses, tulips, hyacinths, peonies, hydrangeas and others.

When using pink flowers, you can complement the color by using white flowers, or light green flowers. They are the perfect match for pink.

Photos of pink bouquets

pink bouquets

Here, a hand tied bouquet of pink freesias, with a matching ribbon. Single choice of flowers, but with a good ribbon, made a big difference.

pink bouquets

An all pink peonies bouquet.

pink bouquets

Light and dark pink david austin roses, in a cornucopia-like bouquet. The stem is covered with moss.

pink bouquets

Multiple pink rose varieties in this sweet looking bouquet, with the rose heads decorated with pearl pins.

pink bouquets

A round posy bouquet of pink roses, pink cymbidiums with pink freesias. Very natural, so fancy decorating but yet so beautiful.

pink bouquets

A long stemmed bouquet of pink flowers like roses and cymbidiums, mixed with white mini callas. The long stems are wrapped with dracena leaves. Very unique and elegant.

Types of pink flower you can choose for your pink bouquets

Most sought after pink flower is of course the rose. The type of pink rose that are usually used are David Austin, Sweet Akito, Dolce Vita, Milano, Aqua, Beauty By Olga, Mimi Eden, Esperance and Candy Bianca roses.

Roses are very versatile can be made into all types of bouquet. The hand-tied posy, the cascade, the round and even the sheaf bouquet. Furthermore, they can be used with almost every type of flower and foliage.

Another pink flower that you could choose is the pink gerbers. They come in all shades of pink, from the lightest shade like Cherany and Daikanto the darkest like Leonie, to the shocking pink like

Rich. Depending on how you mix and match with the same type or different type of flower, they all make beautiful bouquets.

Spring flowers like peonies, sweet peas, tulips, freesias and hyacinths are also available in pink.

The pink hyacinth variety that is usually used is the Amethyst.

They can be put into creative use. Their pips can be separated and joined by a thread to make a strand of hyacinth pips. Simply beautiful.

For pink peonies, the shade of pink can vary. Ruffled Pink Petticoats and Brocaded Gown are dark pink, Shishi-no-tategami is normal pink and Cherry Blossom and Ezra Pound are light pink.

For pink tulips, Pink Impression and Esther are commonly used.

Another popular choice is the pink hydrangeas. They are very sensitive to heat but they make lovely bridal bouquets.

Pink Nerines are not so popular but nonetheless, some brides prefer them because it is special from the other common flowers.

Pink Carnations are available all year round. You will have no problem when choosing this flower color.

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